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    Quibid, etc

    Are these overstock services where you get a iPad for $30 really lugit? Has anyone ever tried one of these sites? Just curious. Cheers, Joe
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    computer game Q for idiots

    Hi, If I bought a old D&D game off eBay that is compatible for Windows Vista and XP.....does that mean I need to play it on a old pc, as we have Windows 7? Thanks, JOe
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    Whitish cloud

    Hi, I have been out of the fish hobby a looong time. My daughter's friend has a small hex tank that she just put two mollies in. She got them two days ago from Petco. The tanks previous occupant, a rainbow shark had died recently(put in a unclean bucket during a water change). She just noticed...
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    D. regia seed #2 purp-guy $30

    Up for bid is 15 fresh Drosera regia seed. Bidding starts at $2.00 and I will take care of shipping, via padded envelope. Thanks, Joe
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    D. regia seed # 1 Jag $15

    Up for bid is 15 fresh Drosera regia seed. Bidding starts at $2.00 and I will take care of shipping, via padded envelope. Thanks, Joe
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    pest spraying and repotting

    I see some pest activity on some plants that really need to be repotted anyways. I thought about unpotting, and then spraying with the roots just wrapped with some lfs in a baggie before repotting. Has anybody ever tried this before? Joe
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    Metal Halides and timers

    Hi, Do you need a superior timer for these, compared to your simple $10 "any store" timer? Thanks, Joe
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    taller pots

    Hi, Does anyone know where to get those 4" square pots that are taller than wide? Thanks, Joe
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    Northern Dew Growers

    Hi, When do the US temperate species, i.e., D. rotundifolia break dormancy, flower, etc, in the Northern US? I am talking in situ(or bog garden, I guess). Thanks, Joe
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    Weather you do not see everyday

    It's 21 F, we have snow on the ground for two days ago, we now have freezing rain, and lightning and thunder, lol . Joe
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    N. 'Red Leopard' winner Goofzilla $19

    Hi, I am going to offer a N. 'Red Leopard'. I have had them since 2004 and due to a lack of pace, have some I have kept dwarfed in 3" pots. They are about 6" leaf span. If given proper conditions, they should explode. I have given a few over the years to other forum members-if they want to post...
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    Aquatic Utrics-quick response for the experts!

    Hi, U. gibba, inflata, floridana, purpurea: Which has the largest bladders? Thanks, Joe
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    how crowded can you plant flytraps?

    Hi, I converted some 33 oz cups I got at the dollar store to pots. They are six inches deep, about 4.5 diameter. I would guess the depth is more important than the width of the pot, but please give me your thoughts. Can you put five or six mature plants in one of these? Cheers, Joe
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    Looking for D. anglica

    Hi, As I have said in other posts, I am doing a talk on cp for kids. I happen to have a D. anglica hiberculum in the fridge, and thought it would be neat to show them how temperate Drosea Winter. I would love to get one in growth(temperate form, if possible). I have D. prolifera or D. hamiltonii...
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    Looking for mature Sarracenia for cp talk for kids

    Hi, I am looking for the above, in growth and mailed with pitchers intact. I am not asking for much, huh? :rolleyes: I can trade a N. 'Red Leopard' for one. I am looking for a variety, so if anyone is interested, or knows of a lead for me, please let me know. Thanks, Joe
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    Darlingtonia , part 2(plus Heliamphora)

    Hi, Funny timing coming here and seeing Clint's thread, lol. I am also looking for Darlingtonia of decent size, as I am planning on a talk on cp for a elemenary school and want to touch on the "convergent evolution" aspect of pitcher plants exisiting in several parts of the World. I can...
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    Gary Gygax Passes Away

    The man who co-created the Dungeons & Dragons game and pretty much put role-playing games on the map, passed away today. I can not even fathom how many authors and other people of imagination were influenced by this man. Sad day for me indeed, as that game has been responsible for keeping me...
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    on a whim, I looked up charcoal and found a site claiming it had nor more propeties than perlite. Here is the site: http://www.paghat.com/charcoal.html But the conclusion of this person is this: In general charcoal should be thought of only as a substitute for perlite with identical value...
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    Blackened tip on new arrival

    Hi, Five inch rooted cutting of N. x Masteriana arrived with blackened growing point. I snipped it off and put some fungicide. Any other advice? What are the odds? This is the third one I have ever ordered and the other two arrived with the growth point snapped off(never recovered for me)...
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    Interesting seed germination instructions

    One more Nepenthes seed germination guide. This one is unique, but if you know Dave Evans, you know this really works for him. He would not recommend something he has not tried. Cheers, Joe Dear Nepenthes Cultivators, Nepenthes start their lives as extremely small babies. This letter is...