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  1. Pyro

    Now this show looks cool

    For all us CPers http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/life-filming-plants.html But I have to admit the herper in me loves this stuff too http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/life-filming-reptiles-and-amphibians.html http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/life-komodo-dragons-hunt-buffalo.html...
  2. Pyro

    I have returned

    So, got myself a new job and have made the move to a new state. Still unpacking (4 weeks later, never knew we had so much crap LOL) My new job does not allow me to be as free to access the net so my time here will be much less often but I will continue to pop in and out as I can. Glad to see...
  3. Pyro

    End of an era

    Hey all, I have kept this kind of quiet though some of you have heard rumors... So... A couple months ago my boss informed me he was taking a new position. Because it was not an academic position he was taking he was not able to move the lab with him. Which meant I needed to find a job in the...
  4. Pyro

    Anyone here from Indiana (or a bordering state)?

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help for a friend. Sent a couple Sarrs up to a buddy in Indiana cause I had spares and he wanted to give them a whirl. He has been growing them outside in pots since spring and they have been doing great for him. Now that fall is approaching he is a bit concerned...
  5. Pyro

    I have S. oreo that I do not want. Do you want it?

    Alright, clearing out another batch of stuff. I have 5 divisions of S. oreophila that I do not want. If you want one and you have $6 to cover shipping and packing then you can have one. (NOTE: I am NOT selling the plants I am asking for compensation for shipping [$5] and packing materials [$1])...
  6. Pyro

    Just some 'pillar pics

    Found this little Sibine stimulea the other day. Thought he was pretty wicked so took a few shots. Too bad they turn in to such ugly moths as adults...
  7. Pyro

    Drosophyllum pods popping while seed is still green

    So, my after years of trying to get this evil beast of a plant to grow for me I finally succeeded last year. Now one of my plants has bloomed and has a bunch of seed pods forming. But... so far 3 of the seed pods have cracked open but the seed inside is still bright green. Is this normal??
  8. Pyro

    You want free Sarrs? I got (mostly) free Sarrs.

    Alright I have hit the point where growing out these miscellaneous and mostly unknown hybrids is making me bonkers so I want them gone. All I am going to ask for is postage ($5) and you get yourself a free Sarr. I am not exactly certain on the numbers but I think I have something like 20-25 to...
  9. Pyro

    Sunny day pics

    Jax Conundrum And the male Phelsuma
  10. Pyro

    If you got Nep. unknown # 6 from me, look here

    Anyone who got cuttings of Nep unknown highlander #6 from me a few years back, you may like to know that the plant is a female. Just thought I would make that info known. Cheers
  11. Pyro


    Anyone here keep these? Looks like I am going to be picking up 1.1 high red P. m. grandis. Love to pow wow with other keepers if there are any.
  12. Pyro

    Sarrs a bloomin'

    Well the blooming season is upon us so I figured I'd share. A Phil F cross (leuco "purple lips x flava cuprea) The flava corner A confused flava And the most mutated bloom I have seen on a Sarr ('Reptilian Rose') Hope you enjoy
  13. Pyro

    How to tell a BOGUS HCW from a real leuco

    Okay so last year I had a thread on this topic (http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112908) but I had to purge my photobucket account so the pics got lost. And last night I saw that I had a perfect side by side so I figured I'd put it up for everyone to refer to It should be...
  14. Pyro

    More of the kids

    Since I am in a picture mood anyways... My 0.1 Black Gap GBK Pretending to be a sand boa... And the 0.1 carpet out on a nice day last week
  15. Pyro

    A new face

    My newest (and last for some time) addition
  16. Pyro

    Any famous CPers?

    Random I know but was wondering if anyone famous grew CPs. Got to thinking it cause of my other hobby, snakes. Kerry King of Slayer is a rather prominent figure in carpet python circles. Slash (formerly of Guns 'N Roses) had a huge collection till last year. Chad some one or other was with...
  17. Pyro

    Tuberous photos

    Just thought I'd share a couple plants D. porrecta D. gigantea D. purpurescens
  18. Pyro

    Honest opinions needed

    Okay, a little background here A couple years ago I purchased a pair of egg-eaters. They were relatively new to the world which meant they either had to eat finch eggs (not easy to get your hands on) or be tube fed. The seller was tube feeding them. I had sporadic access to finch eggs and I...
  19. Pyro

    Looking for: N. albomarginata "black"

    Anyone out there got one of these available? On the hunt for a buddy. If you can help me out drop me a line and we'll work something out. Thanks
  20. Pyro

    Katydids: Looking for

    Alright, this is an odd one. I am looking for anyone who might be able to supply katydids. THinking along the lines of feeders. Any one got any ideas??