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  1. Goofzilla

    CpTube is here!!

    Neat website! Great idear
  2. Goofzilla

    PlantAKiss, Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday! It was nice seeing you at the NASC meeting after all this time. Best wishes to you!
  3. Goofzilla

    Vining Green Plant With Marron/Red Flowers (?)

    Oh man, you're good! I looked up Aescynanthus & this is the exact plant: A. radicans. Thanks a lot - out of curiosity is propagating best done by cuttings? Thanks again.
  4. Goofzilla

    Vining Green Plant With Marron/Red Flowers (?)

    Hey guys, I've had this vining plant that has medium sized leaves - with almost a fuzzy texture. Very fine though. It's very hardy and blooms a couple times a year - tube shaped flowers that are a dark maroon, and when they open up a brilliant bright red. They look similar to the 'dynamite...
  5. Goofzilla

    My first Sarracenia flower ever!

    Congrats! It's exciting, eh? :)
  6. Goofzilla

    '09 NASC Auction Wishlist Thread

    I should have some decent neps to put up! :)
  7. Goofzilla

    My first Ping!

    Congrats! They're great plants. :)
  8. Goofzilla

    Happy Birthday to Zero & Goofzilla

    Thanks guys! Means a lot. Jonathan, I'll do so! It's been a female dog latley. :jester:
  9. Goofzilla

    Some pics from today

    Looking great! So is that mommy?
  10. Goofzilla

    New! Little N. Maxima Babies!

    Very neat - you'll have to post progress pics!
  11. Goofzilla

    Hi :]

    Hey! Welcome home!
  12. Goofzilla

    Election night plans?

    Capey, It's a N. coccinea. :)
  13. Goofzilla

    Some type of tropical?

    I got this plant a few weeks ago and have finally decided to try and figure out what it is! It's a fast grower & I like it's looks. And ideas? Thanks a lot!
  14. Goofzilla

    Election night plans?

    I'm going to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee!
  15. Goofzilla

    Then and Now

    Beautiful plant! Not a fan of TaB, eh? Heha
  16. Goofzilla

    Merry Halloween!!!

    Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy, now. :)
  17. Goofzilla

    new neps showed up

    Very good! You'll have to keep us updated with pictures
  18. Goofzilla

    Thanks for some interesting articles ;)

    Thanks for some interesting articles ;)
  19. Goofzilla

    When should you separate a basal?

    A side question: do you cut the basal & treat it like a cutting, or do you remove it roots & all? Thanks