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  1. ace209

    First bloom of the year!

    [Phalaenopsis] My first bloom of the year just wanted to share a pic.
  2. ace209

    Looking for D.Playstigma Gemmae

    Looking for d.playstigma gemmae let me know if anybody has some available or will have some soon
  3. ace209

    Gemmae Giveaway S.A.S.E.

    Hello everyone and good luck i will be giving away 12 gemmae packets they will each contain 8 or more. I have three types available D. Roseana & D. Enodes Scott River & D. Gibsonni. The winners will be choosen by using a random number generator good luck sing up ends 12/11/13. You can add your...
  4. ace209

    Amazing Fishing Trip LOL!

    Went out on a fishing trip today with the family on a buddies property. I was with my parents and son it was pretty dull when sudenly my mom got a bite. She was struglling she made it seem like she was going to land a world record fish. Turns out world record for smallest fish. Sure was a good...
  5. ace209

    Growing Pineapple Plant!!!

    Decided to try growing a couple from pineapple tops seems to be going pretty well. Heres a pic of there growth so far its been about a month. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/95833406@N05/10698694096/" title="IMG_20131103_133136 by ace209er, on Flickr"><img...
  6. ace209

    Flower spike ?

    Is my orchid sending up a new flower spike it doesn't look like a root. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/95833406@N05/10639485214/" title="IMG_20131102_220718 by ace209er, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2868/10639485214_3da786e86b_c.jpg" width="800" height="600"...
  7. ace209

    d.scorpioides gemmae production

    when does scorpioides start producing gemmae im asking because i have some d.roseana in the same spot on my windowsill and they are producing gemmae like crazzy i know some produce them at different times just trying to find out if the scorpioides should be producing already.
  8. ace209

    looking for stylidium

    I am looking for stylidium not debilie already have one if anyone has anything available pleas let me know I have plants available for trade.
  9. ace209

    Help I.D. Aloe

    Need help with aloe ID IMG_20130801_192930 by ace209er, on Flickr
  10. ace209

    Help ID Tillandsia

    Hello i recently received two unlabled tillandsia i believe the second is ionantha. IMG_20130719_101723 by ace209er, on Flickr IMG_20130719_101658 by ace209er, on Flickr
  11. ace209

    Looking for echeveria 'pulv-oliver' red cuttings

    Looking for echeveria pulv-oliver small plant or leaf cuttings thanks for looking send a pm let me know. Abel A.
  12. ace209

    Capensis×Spatulata available for trade!!!

    I have a capensis×spatulata available for trade. I am looking for d.beleziana 'nightmare', D.intermedia×capillaris, D.tokaienses×rotundifolia, pretty much any temperate for a mini bog open to any offer all will be considered. Let me know what you have available to trade. I also would like to...
  13. ace209

    Is this a cephalotus seedling

    Hello everyone I recently attempted to germinate cephalotus seeds and im seeing the first signs of life. Didi succeed oris this a random seed that happened to stray into my pot. IMG_20130626_160626 by ace209er, on Flickr IMG_20130626_160727 by ace209er, on Flickr
  14. ace209

    Sundew growth Feeding vs non feeding

    Here are some.d. capensis×spathulata propagated.via leaf cutting like the title says one was feed one wasnt.They were both feed when they were super tiny. Its about 3 weeks of not feeding. Its pretty cool what a difference feeding can do. IMG_20130620_102723 by ace209er, on Flickr...
  15. ace209

    Looking for Stylidium graminifolium seeds!!!

    Im looking for some Stylidium graminifolium or debile seeds if anybody has any available. Let me know or send a pm.Or even a live plant or division would be nice. Thanks Abel A.
  16. ace209

    My pygmy pics!!!

    D.roseana Everyone add your pygmy pics also want to c all types so i can decided wich kind i want to add to my collection next. IMG_20130228_153812 by ace209er, on Flickr IMG_20130611_233405 by ace209er, on Flickr
  17. ace209

    Drosera Peltata help?

    Hello everyone I recently received some free d peltata seeds with a trade on her thanks Bruce. My question is i have zero experience i know they require different treatment than mosr drosera. I just need some pointers what time of year should i sow them do they require any kind of stratification...
  18. ace209

    Help I.D. succulent

    I need help identifying/confirming I.D. of this plant. It will be the first two pictures. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/95833406@N05/ I believe its a potulacaria afra can anybody confirm this. Any input is appreciated Thanks Abel A. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/95833406@N05/8882345639/...
  19. ace209

    looling for d.collinsiae 'faryland' & d.rotundifolia

    The title says it all looking for d.rotundifolia and d.collinsiae faryland. Thanks for looking pm me and let me know. Thanks Abel A.
  20. ace209

    Jade plant cuttings trade/giveaway.

    I have some jade.plant cuttings im looking to trade for other succulents cuttings . Any offer will be considered also have a few to giveaway so dny forget to respond to thread for giveaway. I have 3 to giveaway. Thanks for looking Abel