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  1. Taliesin-DS

    Happy Birthday ME!! :D

    it's mah birthday ! :banana2::banana2::banana2::banana2::banana2::banana2:
  2. Taliesin-DS

    A bulb and some kind of water larvae to id

    Found this plant in the woods today. The area is dry and sandy, other stuff that grows there is heather, scots pine and lichens like reindeermoss. I first thought it may be an orchid but i cant find any that look like it that grow here. Anyone know what it is? Btw, i live in the Netherlands so...
  3. Taliesin-DS

    New Terrarium for CP's and Frogs

    I finally got my terrarium in yesterday so here are some pics :D I'm going to keep updating this thread with new stuff. Click on the pictures for a bigger version. The terrarium: It's divided in 2 parts, left side for neps etc and right side is going to be a frog habitat in the future. I plan...
  4. Taliesin-DS

    pic of my new Nepenthes clipeata, orchids and some other stuff

    click the pictures for bigger versions Got these miniatures in this week: Bulbophyllum moniliforme 1. B. rufilabrum 2. On the right: B. fascinator, on the left B. appendiculatum: 3. 4. Got this Nepenthes clipeata in today : D the tag says its clone 2 from wistuba 5. 6. 7. 8...
  5. Taliesin-DS

    Some pics of my jungle

    clicking on the pics will link to a bigger version Pepper seedlings: first 2 pics: about 1-2 weeks old 3rd pics: 3-4 weeks old. 1. 2. 3. Most beautifull brom ever seen, anyone know what it is ? :P 4. 5. Amp seedlingd getting big, prolly gotta repot them soon. 6. Inermis. 7...
  6. Taliesin-DS

    Help id new orchid plz, bonus cp pics included :P

    I just bought this orchid at a terrarium fair today. The seller could not tell me much about it except that it should be perfect for a frog terrarium, needs misting twice a week and likes temperatures between 60f and 110f. And its supposed to get small white flowers. I know exact species would...
  7. Taliesin-DS

    mega pic update of my plants

    N. Ampullaria seedlings, these are about half a year old. 1. 2. 3. Seed trays in my LLish chamber 4. 5. Hookeriana in the middle, spec x aristo lower right 6. HL area 7. N. Sanguinea 8. 9. Boraras Brigittae and shrimp 10. 11. Utricularia Longifolia, it started growing a couple...
  8. Taliesin-DS

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

    dutch for "Happy new year" What do they say in your country?
  9. Taliesin-DS

    Lots of pics of my updated grow area

    Reinwardtiana seedlings: Ampullaria seedlings: Hookeriana: New growlight: Got this black tray online, i had lots of smaller ones before. I can fit almost 3 times as much plants there now :D 3 pics of U. Quelchii: New growrack(shoe rack) with trays i got online.
  10. Taliesin-DS

    help id unknown water bug

    hi, i found some interesting bugs in local surface water but i cant find out what they are. The biggest ones (adults?) are maybe 1-1.5mm large. They have a flat underside and rounded upside, like tiny ladybugs. Not sure how many legs they have or if they are even legs, but they got small moving...
  11. Taliesin-DS

    Some pics of my plants

    Amazing sanguinea :P Singalana Hamata in its new home Ampullaria Hamate again Awesome bromeliad. Schefflera that i put in my growchamber to get some arialroots. Heterodoxa x Minor D. Madagascariensis Local D. Intermedia Tons of madagascariensis + spatulata flower stalks...
  12. Taliesin-DS

    Some pics of my garden

    The view from my bedroom window: View from the kitchen table: Some ferns i found at the local forest (3 different species in the pics) Ferns i got at the garden center Rajah i got 2 weeks ago. The growpoint has died but a new one popped up in a day. Some more ferns from...
  13. Taliesin-DS

    macro shots of some seedlings.

    Made some cool pics of my Binata seedlings i wanted to share with you all :) I forgot to add something for scale, but those black things on some of the leaves are the seeds and i think they're about 1/100 of an inch.
  14. Taliesin-DS

    White mold on soil problem

    I found white mold on the soil of my ventrata today. A couple of months ago i repotted it and just filled up the room between the rootball and the pot with new soil. It's the new soil that has mold on it. I usually water the plant every 1 or 2 days, on dry dies the plant sucks up all the water...
  15. Taliesin-DS

    unknown plants seen @ ICPS conference

    Hi, i saw some really interesting plants over there, but the nametags were mostly missing. Stuff in the botanical gardens own collection just stated genus, name of the person who discovered/collected it and a database number. 1. 2. this is supposed to be a semi carnivorous plant i mean the...
  16. Taliesin-DS

    Plants i picked up at the ICPS Conference

    first the plants i preordered from BCP and picked up at the conference: Nepenthes: glabrata {Central Sulawesi, Indonesia} [BE-3257] BCP Check out how many he sent! singalana [BCP ID# N090] BCP Another huge plant, check out those basals! jacquelineae {Gunung Gada} [BE-3093] BCP...
  17. Taliesin-DS

    pictures of the ICPS Conference in Leiden

    pictures of the ICPS Conference in Leiden (DUW) Just wanted to get these pics up asap :) In the next week ill make some proper posts with nicely edited pics. http://www.xs4all.nl/~akorteka/neps/icps/
  18. Taliesin-DS

    some updates on my seedlings and other neps

    This is most of what i am trying to germinate right now From left to right: Ampullaria red, Gracilis, below: mystery mix of dews, above Macfarlanei, Reinwardtiana red HL, and two complex hybrids wich i dont feel like looking up the names right now:P Close ups of the Ampullaria seedlings...
  19. Taliesin-DS

    Some pics of my minibogs

    I made these bogs last year. Last winter it froze a lot and all the growpoints etc died so it's kinda messy this year :P Last years vft's died so i got some new ones at the garden center and got a few pretty ferns in the pot as well :D