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  1. uphwiz

    Leah Wilkerson x self. seedlling

    I do realize it probably wont look like mom . but im excited, out of tons of seeds this is one of only a few that struck last spring. . My question seed growing people , do seedlings divide this early on it looks like it has three growth points already? and they seem to be coming from the main...
  2. uphwiz

    proper name

    Can someone help with the naming process . when there is a double x in the middle of the two parents. what does that indicate? Example wilkersons red x x flava cinnamon tube.
  3. uphwiz

    uphwiz's sarrs 2014

    here are a few of my nicer sarrs this season so far. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  4. uphwiz

    uphwiz's home terrarium

    its a little over run and needs a cleanout lots of dead or drying pitchers , but here it is as right now :blush:. .
  5. uphwiz

    success, wesser and apasionada

    ive never tried the wesser, leaves before , but have tried several times on the apasionada (will not start on damp media for me) But the barley damp paper towel in a baggie has worked well, and only took 2 weeks to see leaves, and now at about 4 weeks, it is coming on strong , this ping...
  6. uphwiz

    untraded greenhouse wel

    a while back i tried to trade it a way but it never worked out, so as things go in life I am happy to say i finally took the house by the scruff, it was not easy it had to be moved 50 + miles. i couldnt find a rental with a large enough opening to get it inside, so i rented a u-haul travel...
  7. uphwiz

    talengensis,,,and veitchii x talengensis

    Ok so i still havent been able to make either of these thrive :blush:, they grow very well , but pitcher poorly. , They are both up for trade. . The veitchii x talangensis keeps one pitcher going most of the time and the talangensis puts out one or two pitchers a year. . I looking for...
  8. uphwiz

    Leah Wilkinson x Leah Wilkinson seeds for SASE

    I have. 4 packs of about 15 seeds . it was self pollinated .and kept bagged. If there are more than 4 People interested,we can do a random # draw. Ill give this a couple days and check back Wednesday Around three, to see if there was any interest .
  9. uphwiz

    uphwiz sarracenia update 2013 november

    theyre going to sleep its cool to which go first , i believe my oreophylla goes first , it also starts first in the spring. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . ... . . . . . . . . . .
  10. uphwiz

    uphwiz november home terrarium 2013

    took some time to clean out some dead pitchers and over growth. thought they looked kinda good .:blush: So i thought id do a few update pics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  11. uphwiz

    garcon rose ??

    my first sighting of this sarracenia, is it rare ? is it worth the $ 499.00 that someone is asking for it on ebay ? Really 499.00 cane anyone explain I didnt know it existed . any one here have one .:blush: got a pic.?
  12. uphwiz

    looks like leah wilkerson took, "seeds"

    anyone know if the seeds will produce similar plants to the mom i self pollinated it and did keep it covered all summer so im sure these seeds are from it s own pollen , What will we get? Will they germinate at all ? . .
  13. uphwiz

    2014 calendar

    Has anyone started pic collection thread yet ? . Will the pics be sent off to a private e-mail address for judging? . Have judges been chosen ? . Or will it be an opened to all members selection process this year? . sorry if i over looked a calendar thread ,:blush: I didnt see it, if it has...
  14. uphwiz

    is my female nepenthes pollinated

    any way to tell if my nepenthes is pollinated the little buds seem to be elongating quite fast/ and getting a little plumper. if i post a pic can someone help ].:blush:
  15. uphwiz

    cape giant and broad leaf

    also in my parteners care at his office . doing well indeed. . . . .
  16. uphwiz

    truncata Q K update

    my partner has had this in his office for about two years and doing very well at keeping it in nice shape.:-D .. . .
  17. uphwiz

    Male nepenthes pollen search

    For my Female Lady Pauline. talangensis x maxima. . . .
  18. uphwiz

    gypsicola blooming

    lost one of my gyps, at home but this one in the terrarium at my shop is doing pretty good. . . . . .
  19. uphwiz

    lady pauline bloom

    if anyone is interested , mine is about to bloom, . pollen anyone ? :blush:
  20. uphwiz

    S. carmelitta update june 2013

    these are by far the nicest pitchers this sarr has ever made for me . . . . . . . . . .