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  1. eou812

    Drosera Capensis Seed SASE

    Not sure if this is still open 1. Pearldiver Thanks! 2.tatorger thank you! 3.Exotix, Muchas Gracias 4.kulsnubbe 5. Oregoncp -TY 6.cool85k5 7. Wesly2010 8. leeslikkers, many thanks!!! 9. xantius 10. jgivs, thankk you so much! 11. Samolo, Thank you 12. Goodkoalie 13. Api 14. eou812 15. 16. 17...
  2. eou812

    Venus Flytrap wanted

    Wanting a Venus Flytrap don't care what kind. Just as long as it's healthy and medium to large size. I am willing to trade a medium small Sarracenia 'judith hindle'. PM me if intrested. Thanks and God Bless.
  3. eou812

    My Poison Dart Frogs

    Awesome! Dont they have enough poison to kill like up to 20 dogs?
  4. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    That was a good module. Good logical facts haha. ---------- Post added at 11:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:23 PM ---------- True! But she gives us sheets of things that we would see and learn in a college class.
  5. eou812

    North American Drosera wanted

    Yep <a href="http://s1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa363/eou812/?action=view&current=Eans098.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa363/eou812/Eans098.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos" /></a>
  6. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    978-1-932012-54-5 ---------- Post added at 06:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:41 PM ---------- By the way the textbook on what is has to say about Carnivorous plants, is all true. Just read it.
  7. eou812

    North American Drosera wanted

    I'm looking for any kind of North American Drosera/sundews. Im willing to trade a Nepenthes maxima X alata division that is medium size and growing well. PM me if your interested or want make a different trade offer.
  8. eou812

    My collection (Part 1) (PICTURE HEAVY!)

    Photography Double rainbow <a href="http://s1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa363/eou812/?action=view&current=Rainbow.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa363/eou812/Rainbow.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <a...
  9. eou812

    Unlimited Scented Drosera Indica "pale pink flower" SASE+ Seed Giveaway

    Sent my SASE today. I have grown these before and these jokers get freaking big! and fast!
  10. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    Sorry ment to say i go to a co-op school not public school! lol
  11. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    @Pineapple. No haha
  12. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    lol, sorry didnt mean for this to turn into a debate
  13. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    Nope it's straight from a Creationist written biology book.
  14. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    Haha i don't think so, she doesnt believe in evolution. She was just reading from the textbook, which of course now i know is wrong haha.
  15. eou812

    True? False? Opinion?

    So my teacher mentioned in biology today that if carnivorous plants like the Venus fly trap, were to grow in nutrient/nitrogen rich soil. It would still grow and live, but it wouldn't produce any traps. Because it would be getting the nutrients/nitrogen it needs in the nutrient and nitrogen rich...
  16. eou812

    Sarracenia pests

    Thanks, and by the way the way the Sarracenia you gave me a while back are doing absolutely great and growing very large pitchers.