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  1. Keith

    U. longifolia for trade

    Make me an offer. Want list below. If it's not on my grow list I may want it and didn't even know. So any offers welcome.
  2. Keith

    Keith's Photos

    Is that a flower spike I see peeking on Drosera spiralis? Boo-yah! and :mwahaha:
  3. Keith

    Drosera seed packs giveaway

    Up for grabs today are 4 packs of Drosera capillaris seed that came as long arm form. The plants don't look specifically long armed to my untrained eye, but easy grows none the less. Said to have dormancy requirements, my plants keep trucking along with little change other than the occasional...
  4. Keith

    appreciation drosera giveaway

    Edit: Pics are in post #6 I have been lucky to win a couple giveaways recently and that calls for a giveaway. U.S. only please. There will be one winner of a little assortment including a plug of D. capensis x spatulata and D. prolifera, flowering size D. spatuwhatisit, and a D. graomogolensis...
  5. Keith

    Liverwort Fan Club

    In some version of the words of lil hokie in another great thread: Post your Super Awsome liverwort pics here. These things are too cool and I'm hoping if you have these things growing on purpose or by accident anywhere you all would hit us with a pic. Lets get this going... Also I've not...
  6. Keith

    Stolen CPs...What a bummer!

    Well the title says it all. Over the weekend, now that school is out, there have been a lot of restless individuals in the neighborhood where a friend of mine lives. This friend of mine permits me to keep a small garden of temperate CPs on his back porch knowing that I am in between...
  7. Keith

    L/F Drosera slackii have dews to trade

    I can't seem to catch Drosera slackii on the vendors available lists. Been looking for this one for awhile. I have mature Drosera capensis x spatulata to offer or Drosera hamiltonii or Drosera aliciae or something of the like. I like to support vendors and keep the hobby alive commercially...
  8. Keith

    Let's talk about worms

    So I have this Utricularia reneformis that I picked up earlier last year that came in a 4" pot. It was fairly well filling the pot when it arrived and over time I would tip it and pop the "root ball" out to look at the traps and the progression of growth. About half a year ago I noticed, during...
  9. Keith

    Have N. Miranda cuttings for trade

    Have 2 N. 'Miranda' cuttings that have been rooted for several months up for trade. Looking for dews, bladders, and pings
  10. Keith

    From a bugs point of view...

    I wanted to try and see what a future victim of my plants voracious appetites might see before he wanders into a trap. I set my little 20$ camera down in the planter and managed to get a few shots that weren't so blurry. I was particularly inspired by this rockin' Utricularia leaf in behind...
  11. Keith

    VFT roots, how deep?

    Hi guys, I am wondering if any of you have grown VFT's enough to give me an idea how deep its roots will go? I recently picked up a half dozen that I want to pot together in a nice little group, but I cant seem to decide what container to go with. The stores always seem to sell them in 2" - 3"...
  12. Keith

    Drosera indica seed pack giveaway

    Offer reopened OK, it's time to pay it forward a bit. I have four packs of Drosera indica seed (approx. 50+/pack) to giveaway for SASE. The source of seed is from plants grown from seed courtesy of SDCP's giveaway last year. All packs are harvest dated today 8/15/13. The seed should be...
  13. Keith

    Wanted: Iowa CP growers, no exp. necessary

    I am hoping to start a local plant club based out of the Iowa City, IA area. I think it would be a great opportunity to talk about and trade plants. There must be people here growing more than just corn and beans. Interested parties can PM me or sound off here and I will be in touch.
  14. Keith

    How do you support your habit?

    Hello again everybody! In the last few days I have been wondering what kind of jobs and careers help us to keep our hobbies going. In other words: "What do you do?"...... I will start us off with the fact during winter I hibernate and am quite the bum. During spring summer and fall, however...
  15. Keith

    NoID sundew

    Picked this up recently and thought it was something else entirely. It is now starting to take an upward growth habit to the leaves which kind of resemble the long arm form of capilaris. It also has the narrow petioles of something like nidiformis. There are hairy stipules along the margin of...
  16. Keith

    Shortbus' Photo Thread

    I have had no real photo thread in the past. Having been in the hobby for a while now, it seems appropriate to have a place just to spew a few photos every now and again. So without further ado... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 These were all taken of my lone Nepenthes x 'Miranda' and of a...
  17. Keith

    Peat Prep?

    Hey just wonderin' if any of you microwave or do anything special to your peat to kill algae, bacterium, and fungii? I microwaved some a month or two ago and cyanobacteria and algae still grew and ruined a tray of seedlings. I thought I nuked it pretty good. As always, I "wash" my peat and...
  18. Keith

    Ever hear of D. spiralis?

    Hey guys, I found a Drosera spiralis while out shopping and picked one up in spite of not knowing anything about it. I figured what the heck? I can always look on the ICPS site or check various other resources for information on this kind of thing. D. spiralis doesn't seem to be on any of the...
  19. Keith

    Shortbus has Tillandsia! :-O

    Well, I was poking around the local greenhouse and a massive shelf of tillies and clumps of spanish moss caught my attention. I'll have to go back and try and get a pic of their display it is massive. Anyhow, I picked up a large clump of moss which is said to have been "fumigated" for pests...
  20. Keith

    Bog soil compaction?

    Has anyone heard of or had problems with the peat in their bog compacting and "suffocating" roots? I have two bog pots and I believe this is happening to me. The sarrs did'nt put out much root growth last year and not many new pitchers either. I just wondered if I was making this up or if it...