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  1. dionae

    Free sarracenia, sundew and VFT

    I have one random sarr rhizome(will have a tag...not nameless ;) ), typical(but very nice) VFT and a filiformis var tracyii up for grabs. All you have to do is pay $6 for a small flat rate priority box and be in the US. Just sign up and i'll pick a winner next Thursday 8-) . Good luck! 1. 2. 3...
  2. dionae

    My Heliamphora collection

    What up? Ive grown H. heterodoxa x minor for a while but really never got into helis because of their special needs. Recently someone offered me lts of divs so I said why not. I put them in a wine chiller with temps ranging from 50-67F and RH at 70%+ at all times. I'm growing them under a 36w...
  3. dionae

    N. maxima miniature form pollen

    I have a male mini maxima flowering. If anyone is interested in pollen let me know:).
  4. dionae

    Free sarracenia

    Whats up everyone? I have a free flava and leucophylla up for grabs. They will be smaller plants but not tiny. All you have to do is pay shipping($6 for small flat rate), keep me updated on the plants progress and give away divs sometime in the future. Just sign up below and i'll pick a winner...
  5. dionae

    LF prickly pears and dragon fruit seeds or pads/cuttings

    What up? I'm looking for prickly pear cactus pads or seeds and dragon fruit cuttings or seeds. I have several sarr divs and I will overcompensate. Any interests respond here, PM or email at ericmorrowennem@yahoo.com . Thanks!
  6. dionae

    HF greenhouse build

    Well I decided to start on my 10x12 harbor freight GH. Been simple so far except for the usual no holes where there should be holes and overall fragility of the thing. [br][br]I will be making this into a tank...reinforcing with wood. I'm also going to connect my 6x8 to the front of it and make...
  7. dionae

    Getting import permits

    I finally decided to get my import permits so I can go all international with my obsession and thought i'd share what I had to do and exactly what permits you need. First you need to go here and make an account- http://www.aphis.usda.gov/wps/portal/aphis/home/ After getting your account...
  8. dionae

    Free nepenthes seeds for shipping

    Hello everyone. I harvested some seed from my N. ventrata x alata plant today. It was pollinated with ventricosa red. I have 7 pods available to the first 7 people that sign up and are able to paypal me $2.25 for shipping first class in a bubble envelope. I will PM everyone that gets them once...
  9. dionae

    LF red flavas

    I'm looking for NC atropurpureas mostly but any nice red flava would be great.
  10. dionae

    Looking for temperate pings

    I'm looking for P. lutea and P. caerulea. I'll trade some yr old sarr seedlings, VFT seedlings, VFT seeds or sarr seeds for them. I'm trying to build a North Carolina based bog garden and those are the only plants i'm lacking. Thanks!
  11. dionae

    Hybrids by Fred P

    I have so many different sarracenia hybrids from Fred that its ridiculous and i've noticed so do a lot of other people. He always mixes the best plants together so I thought he deserved his own thread. So, anyone with Fred P hybrids post them here. I'll start off with Leah Wilkerson x flava var...
  12. dionae

    Over 2 ft tall in under 2 years

    S.xMoorei S. leucophylla "Purple and White Giant Form' x flava var. rubricorpora Nov 2011 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Nov 2012 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Now...more than a month away from 2 years old. Growing in a 3 gallon pot. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us...
  13. dionae

    Looking for sarracenias

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for these sarracenias- S. 'Alucard' S. 'Royal Ruby' S. 'Esme Cowlard' S. 'Timothy King' S. 'Bud Wilkerson' S. 'Wilkersons Red' S. Redman S. Ares Thanks!
  14. dionae

    What Is This???

    I've had this utric for quite q while now. It was sent to me as a mystery utric. Now that its flowering I was hoping someone could ID it for me. Has huge leaves and flowers with a purplish tint. Thanks in advance. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with...
  15. dionae

    CP-Growlist Software

    Sorry if this has been posted before but this looks like it could be useful. Setup is in German but easy to figure out. http://www.carnivoren.info/
  16. dionae

    Free CPs for beginners

    Free CPs for beginners***CLOSED*** The only stipulations I have is that you dont already have an awesome collection of CPs and youre willing to pay shipping, which would be around $7. I'm offering a VFT, sundew and sarracenia combination to the first 3 people to sign up. I'll send nice sized...
  17. dionae

    Looking for nepenthes pollen

    Hi. I have a female N. ventrata x alata flowering and was curious if anyone had any extra pollen. Split the seeds 50/50, of course. Thanks!
  18. dionae

    Pics From My Recent Trip To Florida

    Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing okay. Recently returned from Navarre Beach in Santa Rosa CO Florida. While I was there I stopped at a few places to search for CPs. Blackwater River State Park This was the first stop I made. I wanted to find S. flava var. atropurpurea since its one of...
  19. dionae

    Flava var atropurpurea in situ

    Hello everyone. I'm heading out later tonight to go to Blackwater River State Park. I was wondering if anyone has been there and knows where to locate the flava atropurpureas. Any help is greatly appreciated. Post pics of any CPs I find while i'm down there.
  20. dionae

    Help Save Blackwater State Park FL

    Sign the petition to save this site from oil drilling- http://www.change.org/petitions/florida-house-of-representatives-stop-hb-431-protect-blackwater-river-state-forest-from-drilling-and-mining#share