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  1. Devon

    Environmental destruction poster - I need your help!

    Hello everyone, Sorry I haven't been very active on the forums lately. I made this poster in school for a contest from Adobe. They call it "Adobe Youth Voices". The idea is to make a poster, video, poem, song, etc. of something that matters to you. I chose environmental destruction. By...
  2. Devon

    Intrumental music

    Does anyone here listen to instrumental music? Just curious, as I am trying to find some good songs for myself. :-P Here are some that I enjoy; they are mostly electro-ish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avlaX2gfQ-4 https://soundcloud.com/mranonymas/rjd2-ghostwriter...
  3. Devon

    Happy birthday mmlr38!

    Have a good one Matt!
  4. Devon

    Redux! {Large Pic}

    Hello! I've been playing with my new camera a lot, and I decided I will re-do a few of my pics. . . Starting with this one! My new camera is a Nikon D7000. I'm super happy to have it now, as I have been saving for almost a year. The lens used was a Nikon 60mm AF-S Micro. #1 - I think this...
  5. Devon

    Top dressing question

    Hello, I bought some aquarium gravel from the pet store and was hoping to use it as a top dressing for Drosera such as D. aliciae, slackii, and Pinguicula too. It is top fin aquarium gravel. :p It says on the back that it may change the Ph of the water, but I don't supposed it would...
  6. Devon

    Drosera minibogs video

    Hello, I took a video of my two Drosera minibogs. I think they look pretty good considering I didn't plan where I was placing the dews and that they were attacked by the squirrels twice. Sorry about the lens and the crappy focusing. :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ChuAsrF9g
  7. Devon

    **Canadian bidders only** ~ Drosera sp. "Lantau island"(blokeman $13)

    **CANADA ONLY** You are bidding on one mature Drosera sp. "Lantau Island", a few seedlings, and seeds. Buyer pays for shipping via Paypal Contact: devonblomquist@gmail.com Staring amount: $2 The mature plant: Happy bidding!
  8. Devon

    **Canadian bidders only** ~ Dionaea m. "Dracula" (Peatmoss $4)

    Shipping to Canada only You are bidding on two Dionaea m. "Dracula" plants. They are acclimatizing from TC at the moment. Starting amount: $4 Buyer pays for shipping via Paypal Contact: devonblomquist@gmail.com Pics: Happy bidding!
  9. Devon

    Drosera capensis "alba" x aliciae ~ 5 seedlings, Canadian only(Peatmoss $12)

    Drosera capensis "alba" x aliciae ~ 5 seedlings, Canadian only(Peatmoss $12) You are bidding on five or more Drosera capensis "alba" x aliciae seedlings. Canadian bidders only please. *SHIPPING TO CANADA ONLY* Opening amount: $2 Buyer pays for shipping via Paypal Contact...
  10. Devon

    Strange hard build up in pots

    Hello! Some of my indoor Drosera have a build up at the top and mostly edges of the pots. The peat turns black & hard. That is all. :P I don't know why, or if it affects the plants, but I just don't understand what the build up is. It is only happening with the new pots I got, and with...
  11. Devon

    One of muh favorite 'dews.

    D. sp. "Lantau Island". 'Tis a very robust, colourful, and dewy hyrbid. It was very hard to get the colour right in these pictures. The plants aren't actually quite as orange as you see here... More like a dark red/maroon colour. quick shot The try hard shots. :P I'm going to have...
  12. Devon

    Cephalotus medium question

    Hello! I just repotted a couple of cephs, but I'm worried that I didn't make an airy enough mix. I was too lazy to actually measure the amount of stuff I put into the mix. :P It's sand, peatmoss, and perlite. It doesn't look airy enough to me, but let me know what you think. And if I...
  13. Devon

    before and After, and a few others

    before and after of D. capensis "alba" x aliciae after being fed. These seedlings look awesome all squished together like this, but I'm going to re-pot them soon.. when I get space. Sorry about pic quality, I took them rather quickly. with all of the food on them: omnomnom after...
  14. Devon

    D. aliciae problem

    My first guess is root rot, or it's going into some sort of dormancy bud. I'm not worried about it, because I have a feeling it will sprout more plants form the base, even if it is root rot. Plus, I can always take last minute leaf cuttings.. What do you think? the other one next to it is fine...
  15. Devon


    Sorry for bad quality on some. Most of these are updates or repeats.. whatever you want to call 'em. Enjoyyyyyyyyyy.................................................... D. spatulata var. Bakoensis seedlingz. I wish i could get them more healthy and red looking. D. sp. "South Africa" Can't...
  16. Devon

    Macro lens for Christmas (DUW)

    Hey erra-bodeh. I got a very nice macro lens for christmas.. Here be some quick pics. No editing, or tripod. Please ignore spelling mistakes.. :p D. collinsiae 'albino' x aliciae seedlings love to be fed palecea I think ------- ugly and not-so-healthy but cool looking cacti...
  17. Devon

    LF: Sphagnum pics!

    Hello! A few of you might remember when I started a page that I called "The Sphagnum Photo Page". So, I am looking for photos of Sphagnum in cultivation, or in the wild. Here's what I originally posted. :P...
  18. Devon

    bunch o' Drosera pics (DUW)

    I feel like I'm spamming the web with this thread, but what the heck... may as well post it on three different forums. Pics of my healthier 'dews at the moment. I edited some of the pics to make the colour look like it does in real life, because my new camera doesn't always capture the right...
  19. Devon

    New cultivar! Drosera burmannii 'cross tentacles'

    Hehehehehe... ;)
  20. Devon

    self pollination questions

    Hello, I have a few questions about self pollination and the effects on seed. -Will self pollinated seeds produce weaker seedlings/weaker adult plants? -Say I self pollinate a plant, grow those seeds to maturity, then self pollinate that plant, and so on, will the plants continue to get...