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    Help Nepenthes Temperature drop problems?

    You have been bitten by the bug plants. :love:
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    Too much humidity?

    The temperature dropped outside by 30deg and the humidity inside followed suit. Went from 90% down to 78% at which point the humidity controller's alarm went off. Luckily the controller is wifi and I got the alert on my phone at the other end of the house. I am going to make one of those...
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    Too much humidity?

    Airflow is great. Typhoon strength if you walk in front of the fan. Thankfully no fungus.
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    Too much humidity?

    I have a small well sealed room (8x8x8 cube) in my basement that I am making into a highland Neps and cool growing orchids room. The humidity ranges from 84% to 93% and a temp of 65 to 75 degrees. I have good data from 16/11/21 using a Wave Plus. I have a carpet fan that runs on high setting...