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  1. Nikki630

    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    Also interested You would want the envelope hand stamped .. you should be able to get that done in the PO
  2. Nikki630

    Give Away Giveaway - D. allantostigma gemmae

    Nicole -- Thanks for your generosity
  3. Nikki630

    Give Away 2 Pinguicula lauena x emarginata plants + babies

    Thanks for your generostiy 1) John7429 2) zacher93 3) Nikki630 4) - - - Updated - - - Thanks for your generostiy 1) John7429 2) zacher93 3) Nikki630 4)
  4. Nikki630

    Give Away For Active Members 2021 S. oreophila Gift/Giveaway

    I do believe I qualify -- lot B if available I have been a member since 2006 I live in NY I do not have Sarr oreophila Been growing Sarr for ever .... or at least 10 years And I will definitely pay it forward .. I already know at least one person I will give a piece too Thanks for your...
  5. Nikki630

    Give Away Pygmy D. roseana gemmae

    1. jerrysmith 2. Nikki630
  6. Nikki630

    Give Away D. Burmannii "Humpty Doo" seeds

    1.sangrocks101 (If give some plants to you if I have some luck and you want some) 2. Nikki630 -- thanks for the giveaway
  7. Nikki630

    Give Away Pay it Forward - Sarr. Hummer's Hammerhead

    Thanks for your generosity Enter by adding your Forum username to a numbered list. Do not delete any previous entries. 1. Nikki630
  8. Nikki630

    Giveaway Part I - Nepenthes ampullaria lime twist - LARGE PLANT

    This is amazing .. THANK YOU SO MUCH I am going to look through my plants this weekend to see what I have to offer as a give away .... THANKS again Nicole
  9. Nikki630

    Giveaway Part I - Nepenthes ampullaria lime twist - LARGE PLANT

    1. Subrosa - amazing giveaway Randall! 2. sflynn - Great giveaway and excellent plant, thank you for the opportunity! 3. nikki630 - mucho gracias .. es maravilloso
  10. Nikki630

    Byblis ?

    I found two of these guys growing in my 'hummer's hammerhead' I think they are byblis .. but I need YOU (yes you) to confirm
  11. Nikki630

    Big Box of Nepenthes Giveaway!!!

    I have seen other giveaways on FB where if you like and share you are entered in a giveaway .. I don't know if there is an easy way to track who does that
  12. Nikki630

    Big Box of Nepenthes Giveaway!!!

    WOW !!!!!!!! I am stunned .. just stunned -- giddy even THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU PM'd Kermit the Nepenthes says thank you
  13. Nikki630

    Big Box of Nepenthes Giveaway!!!

    1. Randoja 2. SgtSarracenia - although random cuttings, will they be labeled? Either way, great giveaway! 3 paulkoop 4. RandyS - thanks, Chris! 5. huy716- thanks 6. Chris_Himself 7. unprofessiona - crazy giveaway! 8. rjhaway - thanks Chris! 9. JB_orchidguy- woooah thanks for the chance...
  14. Nikki630

    Utricularia giveaway

    1. Zath - Favorite is probably U. calycifida, because it includes the Lovecraftian cultivars, whose mythos I am a huge fan of. Learning about them from B. Rice's articles helped stoke the fires of my CP obsession in the first place. 2. SFLguy - Utricularia Delphinioides - although usually...
  15. Nikki630

    N. burbidgea X edwardsiana

    I wish I had something to trade .. very nice .. very nice indeed
  16. Nikki630

    Giveaway Cephalotus seed

    1. Subrosa - Excellent giveaway! 2. Axelrod12 - Agreed, great giveaway! 3. Aerogrower - awesome giveaway thanks. 4. David F- Fantastic, do they flower every year for you? 5. Ps3isawesome - pleaseeeeeee RNGezus be on my side. thanks you Jcal 6. NemJones - I think its time for some Australian...
  17. Nikki630

    N. mirabilis Giveaway

    1. SgtSarracenia -- thank you, I lost mine last year 2. David F- Yay! 3. Unprofessiona - very kind of you! 4. Eric_N - Thanks~ 5. Darlantin - AMazing, thank you! 6. Nikki60 -- mucho gracias .. muy muy amable
  18. Nikki630

    Moving give-away

    Pinguicula gigantea 1. ps3isawesome 2. unprofessiona 3. vbkid, thanks for the great chance! 4. Nikki630 -- Pinguicula gigantea shot first Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' 1. ps3isawesome 2. unprofessiona 3. vbkid 4. Nikki630 -- This IS the Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' I am looking for Nepenthes 'Lady...
  19. Nikki630

    nepenthes splendiana x mixta seed grown giveaway

    1. SgtSarracenia-- I will be paying it forward soon. �� 2. Eric_N Doing a giveaway right now! Feel free to sign up for that~ 3. patrickntd - Thank you for this great giveaway. 4. Darlantin - Thanks for the giveaway! 5. David F- Thanks so much! 6. nikki630 -- grazie
  20. Nikki630

    Fresh Nepenthes seed giveaway!

    1.)Dexenthes <3 2.) hcarlton 3.) Eric_N Thank you, Zu! o3o 4.) Knuckles - 5.) RandyS Thank You, Zu and Dexenthes! 6.) Fatbunny - big thank you both of you! 7.) ps3isawesome - thank you so much! beautiful plant 8.) That One Guy THANKS Zu! 9.) Incognito - Thanks for both of you! 10.)jwalker -...