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    Flytrap coming out of dormancy

    I have a DC-XL that's coming out of dormancy (indoors), but there's just one slight problem: there's still more than a foot of snow where I live with subzero temps. Is there anyway to get it back into dormancy without shocking it too much? The same thing happened last year, and I put them back...
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    Give Away Giveaway Drosera scorpioides Gemmae

    1. Mawy_Plants - Many thanks! 2. Grabba37- Thank you! 3. Huntsmanshorn Thanks for the chance. 4. dr_donut very generous of you.
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    N. ampullaria Appreciation Thread!

    What did you cross to get the Nairobi Miracle?
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    N. ampullaria Appreciation Thread!

    What was the humidity?
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    adnedarn's 1/2017 seed giveaway: Sarracenia, Drosera, Drosophyllum, VFT

    S. 'Dana's Delight x OP (3 packs) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance 2) DeadlyCarni 3)CoolCapensis 4) Plant Heathen ... S. 'Doreen's Colossus' x Leah Wilkerson (1 pack) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance. 2) hcarlton 3) DeadlyCarni 4) CoolCapensis 5)HeliamWalnut 6) SerMuncherIV 7) Ertnirp...
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    Attention - photo plagiariser

    Pretty sad, and also because he can't grow them!
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    My first potential Heliamphora cultivar, candidates?

    Is that a Villosa I see in the foreground...
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    'Tis the season for Gemmae

    D. Scorpioides 1. IDgalaxy 2. erikHIplants - Thanks a bunch! 3. Bijillon - I have been wanting some for a while now, guess I got lucky! 4. emc2 - thanks for the opportunity! 5. chrysamphora, Merry Christmas! 6. Huntsmanshorn 7. afrodisa - thanks for the opportunity 8. Ertnirp - thank you, and...
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    Seed giveaway - Drosera filiformis “Florida Red” with white flowers

    1. afrodisa 2. FLTropical 3. dr_donut, thanks for this giveaway
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    Pygo's Nepenthes

    Where did you get that amp x hamata? Do they still have anymore?
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    Utriculaira Gibba

    1. dr_donut, very generous of you!
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    Lowe's Nepenthes

    Does that container have a drain hole? Nepenthes do not like to constantly sit it water.
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    Fall of 2016

    Very spectacular as always, DJ57!
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    Nepenthes lowii

    1. rball 2. dr_donut, I have always wanted to try this species, so thanks for this opportunity!
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    Found a Nepenthes photo on Pinterest...

    That looks really similar to N. Attenboroughii...
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    Assorted Giveaway!

    1. DrNo7 - Thank you! 2. dr_donut - S. Leuco for me, this is very generous of you!
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    What is it that's giving you trouble?
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    Active user giveaway... Meaning, just being here!

    1. SgtSarracenia - this sounds quite interesting WON 2/6/16, but had not logged in the last 24hrs. Turn is over :`-( 2. Nimbulan - This sounds very interesting 3. NotMyRealName - I'm intrigued 4. Chibae.. I will look to see what I have to donate WON 1/15/2016 S. flava var. rubricorpora (small)...