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  1. TheLastAdept

    Give Away 4 bags of nepenthes seed.

    I'd love to try and grow some from seed!
  2. TheLastAdept

    Pitcher of the Month March 2022

    Need some competition in this thread! So here is my Truncata's newest pitcher, opened a few days ago.
  3. NTruncata.jpg


  4. TheLastAdept

    Neps for Small Spaces

    N. Bellii might be a good candidate, as it's supposed to stay small.
  5. TheLastAdept

    TheLastAdept's Growlist

    A small but growing list! Dionaea Muscipula "B52" D.M. Sawtooth Dente D.M. Red Sawtooth/Dente D.M. Red Dragon Nepenthes St. Gaya Nepenthes "Briggsiana" (Ventricosa R X Lowii clone) Nepenthes Ventrata Nepenthes Truncata - Seed Grown Nepenthes Vieillardii - BE 3224 Nepenthes...
  6. TheLastAdept

    Nepenthes ID

    Thanks for the reply! This guy has been one of my most interesting plants, the pitchers have changed alot.
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  12. TheLastAdept

    Nepenthes ID

    Hello everyone, I bought this hybrid locally and they didn't know the specifics on it. It's not the oldest plant, but hopefully old enough for a good ID. It looks like a Ventricosa Red X Lowii to me, but what do yall's more experienced eyes see?
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  17. TheLastAdept

    Hello from Phoenix

    Hi everyone, my name is Isaac and I caught the carnivorous plant bug last summer! I had seen various carnivorous plants in different media growing up, but never had any access to them. Skip to last year when a reddit post reminded me about them again and I've been enamored with them ever since...