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  1. kataok

    Aphrodite vs. moctezumae x gigantea

    They look so similar what are the noticeable differences between the cultivar Aphrodite and moctezumae x gigantea? Or perhaps not so noticeable differences?
  2. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Light = CFL 120V 60Hz 125W 6400K I don't know the kelvin range favored by CP, but I believe there is a sticky thread in the terrarium section of this forum and it has a lot of details about lights. It might have the favored kelvin range. I also don't know about the Kessil pendants but I think...
  3. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Kenny - So sorry, took me a while to get on here and respond to your questions. Thank you for the compliments on my planted terrarium. The false bottom allows space underneath the substrate for a water reservoir. For the pond, I just cut a hole in the false bottom, made sure the inner sides...
  4. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    SO, I ended up plucking most of the plants infested with aphids out of the tank. I don't see many anymore, I know they propagate fast but it's been a little bit and they haven't grown in numbers again yet without the plant sources they were so attracted to.
  5. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Pictures from the other day. It's been over a year now. I always think it could use some improvements. The moss seems to much better in the middle than on both sides of the terrarium. I don't know why. I move the light all the time so it's not always beaming down in one area. I did...
  6. kataok

    First Bloom for my P. Laueana

    Still going strong! It just started blooming again a few months ago. It's had maybe four or more flowers so far and they just seem to keep coming! This has become such an easy plant for me with such beautiful flowering rewards :)
  7. kataok

    Strangely formed leaf & flower

    Pinguicula moctezumae x gigantea Flower stalked fused to leaves?
  8. kataok

    D. cistiflora or D. trinervia?

    My cistiflora My trinerva
  9. kataok

    Problems with my Howeara Lava Burst

    No, not the regular location. It sits in my sunroom, with east facing windows. It only gets in the 40's during the cold winter at night. It hasn't been getting that low since early Feb. So could I just grab some sphagnum moss and stick it amongst the roots? I'll try spraying it down more...
  10. kataok

    Problems with my Howeara Lava Burst

    It's on it's last leaf! And I'm not sure why. I have it in East facing windows. I live on Stinson Beach, CA so humidity usually stays fairly high. Temps around 70(max) - high 40's right now.
  11. kataok

    Lava Rock for Pings?

    So far my lava rock experiment has been successful with Pings. I tried some Droseras as well but they aren't looking that great. I bought a lava rock at an aquarium store. It had three main holes that went all the way through it. I sealed the bottom of those holes with weed barrier fabric and...
  12. kataok

    Begonia bogneri trade for Nepenthes (1 B. bogneri plant) plus giveaway (2 plants)

    Hi Randy, I'd be interested in adding one to my collection. If you're looking for any plants. I work at a nursery and also have a collection of carnivorous plants, and succulents mostly. I also have rosemary rooted cuttings. Also dried rosemary for cooking with(from my gardens). Um or I can...
  13. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Thank you! I used to have a reflective background attached to the outside of the tank but we felt like it took away from the natural look of the tank. I've been trying to place the taller plants in the background and might add some more rocks to help hide the back of the tank. I've seen some...
  14. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    You might be right, I grew them from seed from a friend and might of mixed up my seeds a bit. Thank you for the clarification. I'll have to make an ID tag. :)
  15. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Pic Update Moved some things around. Unsure of the spider plant placement. Fern is getting really big! Byblis has kind of taken over that small area but I'll let it until it dies.
  16. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Not of all the rocks in my terrarium are the same color. Do you guys think it would make it look better if they were???
  17. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Thanks Dragoness!
  18. kataok

    Drosera filiformis "Florida red" seed giveaway

    1.Jeremy 2.Ps3isawesome thank you so much!!! was wanting some florida red filiformis 3. CarnivoreGirl (thanks so much for doing this!) 4.Radagast - Thanks! 5. jlechtm - Thanks! 6. monkey_Cup _very generous of you, thanks 7. savagegarden - thanks! 8. Divaskid - thanks 9. samolo 10. charlie - It's...
  19. kataok

    Building CP terrarium

    Made the pond a little larger, added more plants and things have started to green up more. Still trying to add more plants as I get them. Looking to add some grasses maybe - taller varieties? and more red droseras.