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    Sarracenia Frost Damage

    I had snow and a hard frost too. I lost several flowers and some pitchers but they are all still growing and pushing more growth .. they should be OK
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    Kingwood gardens discovery day..

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    Kingwood gardens discovery day..

    Hey everybody I wanted to share an event this Saturday at Kingwood Gardens in Mansfield Ohio. The Ohio Carnivorous Plant Society will have a table along with vendors selling a mixture of carnivorous And other types of plants. Below is a link to the gardens website. Beautiful gardens and...
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    Drosera id..? Ok you drosera experts. I won seeds awhile ago from savagegarden and if I remember correctly there was a big question as to the true I'd of the plant. A lot of them look the same to me so I can't I'd anything.
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    Sarracenia and VFT give away (three winners)

    Whoooooo.... made my week thank you...... I want the psittacina. ..:) sending pm now....
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    S. rubra ssp jonesii seed SASE

    Seeds arrived thanks so much
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    Utricularia subulata seeds for SASE

    Seeds came thank you. .. wow they are tiny. .
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    Sarracenia and VFT give away (three winners)

    1. David F 2. savagegarden - i have some d. scorpioides to give away 3. sgtsarracenia - I have a few seed grown complex Sarrs that I could do something with lol 4. patrickntd - I have some warm temperate or Mexican pings to give away. Thank you. 5.dozer1028. Pure s.oreophila seedlings. USA.ONLY
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    Hello from OH!

    Welcome. . Where in ohio.? I'm on westside of cleveland. .
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    Dahlia tubers anyone. ?

    Some of you know I grow dahlias as well as carnivorous. . I'm cutting back on how many I grow this year so I need to unload a lot of extra tubers. . I can send you a list of what's available if anyone is interested. Looking for trades on any CP I don't already have.... I would ship priority mail...
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    Utricularia subulata seeds for SASE

    Thank you very much. ..
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    U. Longifolia for postage. .

    Shipped today...
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    U. Longifolia for postage. .

    Winners are... .. numbers.. 4 and 1 picked by random number generator app. Aerogrower and savagegarden send me someShipping loot and a address and I will send your division. Paypal is dozer1028@gmail.com
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    U. Longifolia for postage. .

    Today is the last day.. Winners will be picked tonight..