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  1. NotMyRealName

    Need Pollen!

  2. NotMyRealName

    Need Pollen!

    I would be interested! I have one spike in bloom already and another starting to unfurl. Just shoot me a PM, when you've collected the pollen.
  3. NotMyRealName

    Need Pollen!

    I have a female N. Spendiana x Ventricosa (Mata Hari) desperately in need of some pollen. This will be my first attempt at pollinating a nepenthes flower. I'm willing to do a 50/50 split on the seeds. Thanks in advance, Randy
  4. NotMyRealName

    Looking to trade neps. for neps.

    Hi. I'm looking to trade some nepenthes plants for some lowland or intermediate/lowland nepenthes plants. What I have to offer: N. Ampullaria x Ventricosa "Lady Luck" 17 inch leaf span N. Spathulata x Campanulata 7 inch leaf span with 2 pitchers N. Spathulata x Diatas 8 inch leaf span with...
  5. NotMyRealName

    Looking For Lowland Neps. For Trade.

    Sorry, it was removed. I had put that it was already "TRADED", but members kept sending PM's after I had put that it was traded. - - - Updated - - - I don't know how to close this thread, but all of my trades are gone. Thanks to all of the members who were interested. I'm sorry, if you...
  6. NotMyRealName

    Looking For Lowland Neps. For Trade.

    Just an update for those interested in trades. I've already traded the following and are no longer available: N. Burkei x Hamata N. Sibuyanenis x talangensis Thanks, to the members for their trades! Happy Growing, Randy
  7. NotMyRealName

    Looking For Lowland Neps. For Trade.

    Yeah, I'm very interested! Please send me a picture of the cutting when you have a chance. You can send me a PM to my inbox and let me know what you'd like in trade. Thanks.
  8. NotMyRealName

    Looking For Lowland Neps. For Trade.

    Hi, I'm looking for some "lowland" nepenthes plants, seedlings, or fully rooted cuttings. I'm mainly interested in ampullaria's, but will consider any lowlanders. I can send pictures of my the plants upon request. Thanks, Randy What I'm looking for: N. Ampullaria (really any, but green form)...
  9. NotMyRealName

    Spraying Nepenthes

    I've had zero problems growing my "ventratas" in low humidity environments, albeit pitchering slows down some. I don't have that problem during the spring and summer most of the time, where humidity is generally over 50% most of the time. I've also experimented with just putting a "fine mist"...
  10. NotMyRealName

    Nepenthes hookeriana

    I purchased a "hookeriana" last summer and it's doing fine in my grow room. It's slowed down a bit but it's in there with highlanders. I've noticed increased pitchering, when I mist the newly developing pitchers. I keep it growing under T5's for 10 hours, Temps 78 F during the day and 55 F...
  11. NotMyRealName

    Looking To Trade Nepenthes (other tropical plants)

    Hi, I'm looking to trade a few nepenthes and other tropical plants. I can provide photos upon request. You can PM me anytime for a response. Thanks, Randy What I Have For Trade (ROOTED): N. Ventricosa x Alata "Ventrata"- (fully rooted w/ small pitcher) *TRADED* Anthurium Faustomirandae...
  12. NotMyRealName

    NotMyrealName's Grow List

    Here's my updated "Grow List", although mostly nepenthes. I do have many other exotic non cp related plants. I can list those when trading. N. Splendiana x Ventricosa "Mata Hari" N. Ventricosa x Alata "Ventrata" N. Sibuyanensis x Talangensis N. Ventricosa x Campanulata N. Ventricosa x Lady...
  13. NotMyRealName

    Hello from South Florida

    Welcome to the forum! I'm a newbie with CP's, as well. I've been growing nepenthes primarily for two years now. I'm thinking of trying some sundews this year. I had family that lived in Coral Springs, FL not too far from Miami, FL.
  14. NotMyRealName

    Help With Nepenthes Plant

    The old growth is pitted and dryish looking. The media is fresh LFS, fine orchid bark, and perlite. However, the orchid bark is old and was used from another nepenthes I no longer have. Can I clean the leaves with something like neem oil?
  15. NotMyRealName

    Help With Nepenthes Plant

    Humidity 60 to 65% during day and 70 to 73% during night. Daytime temps 72 to 75 F. Nighttime temps 62 to 66 F. Rain water mostly; however when I first received it I watered it with tap water the first month not knowing better.
  16. NotMyRealName

    Help With Nepenthes Plant

    I need some help here with my N. ventricosa x "Lady Pauline". I've had it for 2+ years now and it's just leggy and scrawny looking. It was sold to me from a reliable ebay seller as a seedling. I've been growing it under intermediate conditions mostly. I thought after the first year, it was in...
  17. NotMyRealName

    MEMBERS PHOTOS!  Let us see you!

    Here's a picture of me at Taughannock Falls Trumansburg, NY in June 2013. [/URL][/IMG]
  18. NotMyRealName

    SerMuncherIV's Picture Thread

    WOW! What an impressive collection. I've been contemplating on buying a n. burkei x hamata for the past few months. Your's looks spectacular!!! I was also on the fence about drosera but after seeing yours, I'm hooked and will be hunting to find some. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures.
  19. NotMyRealName

    Plant of the Month January 2016

    N. Izumiae x (Truncata x Campanulata) [/URL][/IMG] - - - Updated - - - N. Izumiae x (Truncata x Campanulata) - - - Updated - - - Izumiae x (Truncata x Campanulata) side view of pitcher. [/URL][/IMG]
  20. NotMyRealName

    Active user giveaway... Meaning, just being here!

    1. SgtSarracenia - this sounds quite interesting 2. nimbulan - This sounds very interesting 3. NotMyRealName- I'm intrigued