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    Hey Keith, I didn't even realize you had posted a visitor message years ago, looks like I don't...

    Hey Keith, I didn't even realize you had posted a visitor message years ago, looks like I don't know how to use my profile very well. I believe I'm not too far from you in Iowa?
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    SerMuncherIV's Picture Thread

    I think Humpty Doo is supposed to be more of a red form
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    B52 vs dc xl

    I'm growing my first DCXL now. Sounds like it's more hype than reality?
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    Evaporative Cooling.

    Got it, so it will keep working until the humidity between the outside and inside balances? I'm assuming this can sink the humidity of the terrarium and wound need to be compensated for with a fogger?
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    Evaporative Cooling.

    Ok, I need some critiquing of my thought process here. I know that evaporative cooling (swamp cooler) needs low humidity to reduce the temperature; that it can only reduce the air to the wet bulb temperature, which is a deviation of the current temperature and humidity. For example, areas with...
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    Do I take the plunge?

    sweet, I was researching and loved all the cool rare highlands types (like everyone), but soon learned that people were using fridges and the like to make them thrive, Id rather not kill a rajah or hamata. So I'll take a crack at some intermediate types and see how it goes. Thanks guys. Who...
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    Do I take the plunge?

    Hey guys, I've grown a lot of different temperate CPs over the years with much success, but haven't really gotten into nepenthes besides by my 6 year old ventrata. I'm thinking if venturing into intermediate nepenthes, because I can get closest to their conditions. I have a grow rack that gets...
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    Neps seeds/ebay

    My thougths exactly. I'd be nice to try some unique highland neps without breaking the bank, but not if they're poached. I'm just afraid that I would drop a lot of money on some and then kill them. Just not up for the doing the whole fridge thing or whatever people do to keep them going.
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    Neps seeds/ebay

    Hey guys, I've been spotty being on in this last year. So I've really been focused on temperate sarracenia and sundews the last 8 years, but I've been getting the itch to explore more nepenthes besides my old Ventrata (which was labeled as alata when I bought it). I was on ebay today looking at...
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    Reboot: Starting anew with some of my old plants

    This thread is really giving me the itch to try terrariums again! It looks like the common practice is to top water, then find a way to drain off the excess? Or is just misting best? Either way, I love the pics.
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    bogs in zone 6b

    I have one up here in Des Moines, IA (Zone 5). I do cover it in the winter with mulch. VFT, lots of sarracenia....all make it through fine. I think I may have posted some pics in a post several months ago.
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    Giveaway Orchid Seedlings Bulbo plumatum, Sarcochilus ceciliae, and Sedirea Japonica

    I'll hop in here. This is from a place just down the street from me, they're called Accu-mold. They have the tiniest pieces that they make for all kinds of stuff.
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    Pushing the limits.

    Hey Guys! I don't post very often, but have enjoyed reading what everyone has learned about cps through the forums. As Dragoness has just demonstrated...sarracenia can be pretty tough. Many other forum members here have also shown off their bogs in areas normally too cold for most cps (which I'd...
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    Wisconsin Bogs

    Hey Guys, So I made a trip to summerton bog in south central Wisconsin. I was wondering if anyone has ever visited any bogs in Wisconsin and found any cps. There wasn't much there so I didn't take any pictures, unless a bunch of pics of sphagnum would've been interesting. I can't imagine many...
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    D. binata seed giveaway

    any luck with germination? I hope I didn't give you all some duds for seeds.
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    D. binata seed giveaway

    I'll keep you guys updated. I need to get the seeds out and I'll let you know if I have any left.
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    OP Sarracenia seeds for SASE

    Red Sumatra x OP 1)money_Cup thanks 2)hcarlton 3) Lance thanks! 4)theplantman THANKS!!! 5)Pearldiver Thanks! 6)dionae Flava ornata x OP 1)jab91 2)ego3k Thanks! {(Rubra x Oreo) x (oreo x flava)} x OP 1)theplantman THANKS!!!! 2)Pearldiver Leuco x OP 1)dionae Oreo x OP 1)jab91 2)ego3k Thanks...
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    Sarracenia seeds for postage #2

    1. ego3k Thanks! 2. monkey_Cup thanks for the offer 3. RSS Thanks for the chance 4. NatchGreyes - Awesome! 5. tatorger- thank you again! 6. corbeano- I'm in. Thanks!
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    Outdoor carnivorous plants to trade for Neps material

    I have some Nep. Alata, if that's of interest.