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  1. Taargus

    Looking to trade N. vogelii x (spathulata x mira)

    Kat, I will keep it polite under the assumption that you forgot we know each other already, and just say no thanks.
  2. Taargus

    Looking to trade N. vogelii x (spathulata x mira)

    I was sent this N. vogelii x (spatulata x mira) by accident, I'm hoping, and decided I'd rather trade it if someone is interested, than go through the hassle and expense of returning it. I can't grow highlanders here, so I'd prefer to trade it for a lowland Nepenthes, or even an intermediate...
  3. Taargus

    Unhappy Bellii

    Ugh, that's the worst. I've had plants do that too and it's the most frustrating thing. After trying everything I can possibly think of sometimes I have to chalk it up to a weak plant. Some will always be stronger growers than others and sometimes you have gotten the dud. I haven't grown bellii...
  4. Taargus

    How do i transition a terrarium pitcher to being outside?

    I have always picked a week that looks to be fairly mild weather wise, no crazy weather patterns or large storms. Temps that the plants *should* like, that are not too far off from what they've been getting. I know that's sometimes easier said than done, so for where I live, I usually kick a lot...
  5. Taargus

    Reminiscenses of a Sarracenia grower

    Yes, Please continue! How much easier things have become due to the internet! I feel like I grew up in a kind of golden age for cp's, very lucky. Local home improvement stores carried "death cubes," but the old style ones...in the sealed hard plastic cases. In them they had different kinds of...
  6. Taargus

    Worth trying to start with rhizomes?

    Dormancy lasts another 2-3 months for northern states, not for us here in FL. I'm in zone 9 as well, should only be a few more weeks for us, so rhizomes are perfectly fine to start now. You're also on the second floor, so frost damage to a rhizome is extremely unlikely, even if we get hit with...
  7. Taargus

    Anybody else have really bad local CP nurseries?

    That's too bad, I used to live in a cp dead zone so I know how that feels. Although I wish we had a local cp retailer, specifically, I guess I can't complain. All our Lowe's have death cubes and those Sarr and vft rhizome terrarium kits nearly year round, HD has flytraps year round, and garden...
  8. Taargus

    Roseas from mobile co, AL

    Beautiful! I love rosea as well and currently have none from that location...hmmmm. Does clone Q stay that color pattern or is that a seasonal thing that it just has a red throat?
  9. Taargus

    Any guideline on trying Nepenthes nectar

    Exactly that. Ever pulled honeysuckle flowers off the vine, or tried clover as a kid? Just taste it...where's your sense of adventure?
  10. Taargus

    Free Nep seed

    Hey CP30, tried to pm you, but your inbox is full!
  11. Taargus

    Anyone familiar with these?

    I have a S. "Fat Chance" it was sold to me as S. rosea (syn. purp venosa var burkii) 'Fat Chance', but I guess "Fat Chance" would be correct then, huh? BY the way cody, it's a great little purp, very fast growing, good color, offsets easily.
  12. Taargus

    Free Nep seed

    Florida checking in, love to do Nepenthes from seed. I'd also be willing to trade something for seeds too. I've got a bunch of extra S. purpurea ssp. venosa divisions I recently made, and have my fingers crossed for some S. minor seeds I have in cold strat right now if you do Sarracena?
  13. Taargus

    The seedling trade thread.

    I have a whole bunch of the Botanical Wonders clone of S. rubra. All those "Bug Biting Plants Terrarium Set" boxes went on sale recently for change at a local Lowes. Would be happy to send these out if people want one. They are very small, (sold as dormant rhizomes) but growing now. I'm not sure...
  14. Taargus

    Veinless purp. Finally!

    Congrats, nice find. It looks like it's going to be a stunner by the end of the season!
  15. Taargus

    Pete's plants

    Little, or funky looking lids aren't a soil issue. Any chance Miranda was one of the one's in lower humidity? Low humidity might cause lids to grow strangely or too small. You could also bump the lighting up or move it closer to the lights, Miranda likes a lot of sun and that pitcher looks like...
  16. Taargus

    Sundrew's Photo Thread

    I absolutely love that pink rafflesiana, what a unique color. I've got one of the sg raff squat x var alata from EP as well, would be great if one of us ends up with a female and we can make babies some day, lol!
  17. Taargus

    Hello from Buffalo!

    I recognize that name if you're the same person (?), we follow each other on Instagram! Welcome!
  18. Taargus

    My tropical terrarium and windowsill plants.

    Keep an eye out on your local craigslist, I've seen aquariums of significant size go for a couple hundred. They devalue after use, nobody can get back what they paid for them. I used to grow in an 150 gallon (tall, not wide) tank that could handle the height of flowering vines and mature plants...
  19. Taargus

    My tropical terrarium and windowsill plants.

    Wow, everything looks great, looks like you're in need of a larger terrarium! Are you growing your ceph as a windowsill plant, or did you just move it for the picture?
  20. Taargus

    June Wistuba Shipment

    OMG, fingers crossed they sort out where your package is quick :0o: Any news yet? That's really terrible, I'd be in full panic mode by today. I had a minor freak out when I went to get the mail yesterday and a book I ordered and some junk mail was in the box, but no key for a package slot. I...