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    Pinguicula have been updated/added at FlyTrapShop.com

    Less than one hour and all the ones I'd be interested in are already sold out? Crazy. What was there, like 1 specimen each?
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    Random: Does anyone here play PC games?

    I play a lot of games, but sporadically, and only a few different ones at a time. My go-to's for multiplayer online are Dota 2 and League of Legends. Other than that, I've been playing a lot of Skyrim, lately. If you're looking for a generally friendly and supportive online gaming community, I...
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    sundew rescue mission. Help!

    That's a question I have with some of my VFTs. I know they can tolerate being covered in snow for brief periods, but how cold can they go, and for how long without dying?
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    Home Improvement Store VFT Noob Advice?

    Also, since Portland is very nearly coastal, you may be able to put it in a pot, or arrange a bog area in your yard for it and keep it outside! The Pacific ocean will keep it from getting too terribly cold in the winter, but the natural light and chilly winter weather will allow it to go into...
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    Ping growing UP and not OUT

    Those are definitely carnivorous leaves, Jeff. You can see the stickies on the upper side.
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    Gmo nepenthes

    I wish I was a GMO. Somebody should go in and remove the gene for male-pattern baldness.
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    Been waiting a long time for this

    It's a post about incredibly weird and wonderful and wacky (not plants) GROWING THINGS!!! Of course it'll grow quickly! I think we've found an opportunity for more sales from the terraforums shop, if they're interested in providing. Not likely, though, considering the incredibly limited...
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    Summit's Picture Thread

    Also, the "weed" dews you mentioned look to me like D. Capensis and some form of Binata. I don't have enough knowledge to be REALLY sure, but that's my thoughts.
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    Gemmae Sprouting

    I've also had similar troubles. I'm guessing it has to do with where they fall. Some, I've noticed stay moist and continue growing. Others it seems don't have enough contact with the damp soil, and so dry out. I've also noticed that those few that fell in a spot that didn't get as much light as...
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    ?? Best Sphagnum Growth in Terrarium

    Now is this just any old dry sphagnum you get? Or are you chopping up sphagnum that is living still, or what? Also, would a food processor get the job done?
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    N. sanguinae brown leaves.

    I think he was saying that he puts his vfts in that room during winter for the express purpose that it gets quite cool. They're not actually in the terrarium with the neps. When you said give the neps warmer temps, probably the first thing that came to mind was heating the room, rather than just...
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    Shipping Gemmae Approaches

    That's what I figured. So how does one go about keeping packages from freezing? I understand one is meant to use heat packs, but where does one acquire such? I haven't seen them around.
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    Doomsday's Trading Station

    I'm looking to trade away a few specimens of Akai Ryu vfts if you're interested. I have no idea how to acquire heat packs and such, so if you wanted some, I could get them out to you when it's warm enough to ship without them.
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    Sunlight / Artificial Light questions ¡!

    Yes, I understand how dormancy works, and I did what I could for them (sorry to hijack the thread, Gabcat) but I lacked the means to bring on a full deathlike state this year. My options were A) put them outside and kill them with temperatures consistently between freezing and below zero or B)...
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    Sunlight / Artificial Light questions ¡!

    I grow some smashing CPs in a small terrarium with only a Jungledawn LED bulb I got from lightyourreptiles. It costs a pretty penny, but nothing spectacular (I believe I got it for 45 dollars or so, including shipping) and totally worth it, if you ask me. While the growth on my 'Akai Ryu' vfts...
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    Shipping Gemmae Approaches

    I've gotten a ton of Gemmae from my paleacea ssp paleacea, and was wondering about shipping them in cold weather.
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    My Grow Box

    That box is absolutely gorgeous!
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    Anybody heard of this company?

    I'd never heard of them before, sorry. I'll have to check them out.
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    Drosera sp.“Lantau Island Hybrid" Seeds

    I received the seeds you sent me earlier this week. Just started on stratification, and hope it goes well.
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    Muhahahahahahahaa! HALLOWEEN IS COMMING!!

    As per Acro's comment... I think I'll be Nigel Thornberry next Halloween.