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  1. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    Updated 2-2020
  2. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah Harris greenhouse (Colorado) visit/plant exchange

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. I've been working on getting everything cleaned up in the greenhouses but everything is looking pretty good.
  3. Jeremiah Harris

    Cephalotus coal mine beach

    Hi guys, Yeah that's a seed gown plant from seed from John. It's about 3 1/2 years old. It looks a little lanky because they dried out a little when I was in South East Asia last summer, they look a little longer and lost all the old leafs and pitchers. Thanks, -Jeremiah-
  4. Jeremiah Harris

    Colorado meet up and gemmae giveaway.

    My Pygmy growlist at last count Drosera allantostigma Drosera androsacea Drosera barbigera type Drosera barbigera Giant Northern form Drosera barbigera Small Southen form Drosera callistos Drosera callistos -Brookton form Drosera citrina Drosera closterostigma Drosera closterostigma (Mogumber...
  5. Jeremiah Harris

    Colorado meet up and gemmae giveaway.

    Hi Guys, I'm having some CP growers over this Saturday the 13th from 10am-Noon to help divide my Pygmy Drosera Collection. Anyone who makes it will leave with lots of fresh Gemmae. Shoot me an email at jeremiahsplants@comcast.net My address is 712 Columbia Rd. Colorado Springs 80904
  6. Jeremiah Harris

    N. edwardsiana growers - come in!

    Looking pretty nice this morning,
  7. Jeremiah Harris

    largest hamata in cultivation?

    Hi guys, About 8" pitches is the largest I've ever got. I let mine vine for about 4-6 ft before it flowered then it just started to look long and lanky without many pitchers. -Jeremiah-
  8. Jeremiah Harris

    Nepenthes edwardsiana or hamata ?

    They are both spectacular species but there really is no contest... lets just says size maters! This pitcher was over 20inches. Although I will say under limited space N. hamata does shine. The number living pitchers on one plant is always stunning. -Jeremiah-
  9. Jeremiah Harris

    Looking to trade Gemmae

    It's that time of year again. I'm looking for any Pygmy Drosera I don't grow. I lost my Drosera gibsonii colony this year and would love to get a replacement. My current grow list. Drosera allantostigma Drosera callistos Drosera callistos -Brookton form Drosera citrina Drosera closterostigma...
  10. Jeremiah Harris

    Drosera androsacea & Drosera omissa gemmae packets for trade

    Hello, I would be interested in the D. androsacea. I'm sure I could send you Drosera dichrosepala (Fish Road Track form) Drosera roseana Thanks, -Jeremiah-
  11. Jeremiah Harris

    N. veitchii Bario HL Candy Striped seedlings

    Looking awesome DVG, I would agree they are all male. Now you just need to find a few pretty ladies. -Jeremiah-
  12. Jeremiah Harris

    A few quick iPhone shots in the greenhouses today

    N. eymae x veitchii N. veitchii x eymae N. eymae x ephippiata N. jamban N. Tiveyi Cal Fullerton N. Tiveyi California Carnivores N. clipeata N. northiana N. attenboroughii N. edwardsiana N. edwardsiana N. jacquelineae N. rajah N. ephippiata Thanks, -Jeremiah-
  13. Jeremiah Harris

    Colorado (and whoever else) trading get together in October

    Thanks Brandon for helping organize this, I look forward to seeing everyone! 1PM works good for me. If you have any trouble finding it give me a call 1-530-hamata-1 My address is 712 Columbia Rd Colorado Springs CO 80904 Thanks, -Jeremiah-
  14. Jeremiah Harris

    Question on the 'Fondue' Cultivar

    I kind of like it, would I want it over a B52 of course not but it's different.
  15. Jeremiah Harris

    Colorado trading/meet up

    You guys are more then welcome to come down to my place pretty much any afternoon this month as long as I have a couple days notice. -Jeremiah-
  16. Jeremiah Harris

    lady pauline bloom

    Looks female to me... -Jeremiah-
  17. Jeremiah Harris

    Colorado trading/meet up

    Hi, I would love to get together, honestly there is not a whole lot I'm looking for but it would still be fun. -Jeremiah-
  18. Jeremiah Harris

    Looking For VFTs Not On My Grow List

    Hello, I'm also looking for Fly Traps not on my grow list. Jeremiah's Dionaea Grow List... D. muscipula typical D. muscipula typical DW From Northrop [Winter] D. muscipula “A2” Clone [Henning] D. muscipula “All Green” [CP Nursery] D. muscipula "Arching Flat Skinny Leaves" [Pham] D. muscipula...
  19. Jeremiah Harris

    Looking for Ceph's

    Hi, Jcal I would be very interested in "Brewer red" "Brewer giant green" I'm not in any hurry but if you ever have extra let me know. Thanks, -Jeremiah-