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    Haven't been on here in a while: Updated Growlist

    Looking back at some of my old posts I think I was pretty annoying ;P PlanoCarniPlants Growlist Updated 12/15/18 Drosera (Sundews) - Drosera natalensis - Drosera venusta - Drosera capensis - Drosera capensis “Gifberg pass” - Drosera capensis “Wide Leaf” - Drosera multifida var. extrema -...
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    Hey, I would be interested in buying a harty. Thanks

    Hey, I would be interested in buying a harty. Thanks
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    adnedarn's 1/2017 seed giveaway: Sarracenia, Drosera, Drosophyllum, VFT

    S. 'Dana's Delight x OP (3 packs) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance 2) DeadlyCarni 3)CoolCapensis 4) Plant Heathen ... S. 'Doreen's Colossus' x Leah Wilkerson (1 pack) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance. 2) hlcarlton 3) DeadlyCarni 4) CoolCapensis 5)HeliamWalnut S. (alata x minor) X OP...
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    Seed grown N. ampullaria forms for Cephalotus forms

    So are you interested in Coal mine beach?
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    Seed grown N. ampullaria forms for Cephalotus forms

    Interested in the 'coal mine beach' form? Honestly, theres not any differencein cpeh forms,unless its like double ribbed or squat. I've gotten my typicals as dark as "hampshire black" or almost "eden black"
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    Diosera ?

    That was a joke
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    New Nepenthes edwardsiana

    is it still alive? (the eddy) you must have so much money to throw around "if it dies, i'll just get another one"
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    Utriculaira Gibba

    Winner is Donut! PM me your addy and I'll send you my paypal
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    Utriculaira Gibba

    A winner will receive a clump of gibba, which is slowly starting to overtake the aldrovanda tub. I will choose a winner this friday night, to be eligible you have to have at least 50 posts OR 15 thanks. Winner pays to shipping of $6 Good luck to all! :-D
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    Squat Neps

    Sorry bout that......cleared!
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    Squat Neps

    I have a small lady luck
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    Darlingtonia Californica & Have: Nepenthes 'Lady Luck'

    I have cephs.....pm me Soon I will have tradaBle size heliamphora....I about a week.....and very small CApensis wide leaf I'm interested in the Lady Luck....pics Plz?
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    Utrcularia calycifida

    1. Grey Moss. I'll be the first to put my name in I guess. Thanks for the opportunity. 2. Alita 3. afrodisa - thanks for the opportunity 4. HeliamphoraWalntut trying to rebuild my utric collection 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.