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  1. K

    Crazy Lil Ping

    Beautiful! Just beautiful :) i just love how shiny and sticky it looks and has great color and a fun shape.. Looks like i gotta get one of those :)
  2. K

    New Crested Gecko

    Lol aww his face was priceless lol in the video :D The lizards a cute lil thing <3 he'll love it their great pets. Congrats on the new addition. P.s : in the video i laughed hearing "..what the hell is his name again?!?" lol lol :)
  3. K

    Self Fertility Question

    The flowers of Anacampseros rufescens are self-fertile, so the seeds you have should germinate fine :) goodluck
  4. K

    20 mimosa pudica seeds "The Sensitive Plant"

    I have like 100 mimosa seeds i have no issue germinating them the only issue i seem to have is keeping them alive after a few months/years.
  5. K

    Pitcher of the Month November 2015

    Did u really just say 'size matters' & 'double fister' lol....wow Im not a size queen, i like shape and color so as of now the sibu is looking pretty good and is the izumiae cross :)
  6. K

    Some pics before winter hits.

    Everything looks great :)
  7. K

    Wrazik's plants from Rybnik, Poland - PHOTO THREAD

    Those look great :) keep up the good work and keep the pictures comming :)
  8. K

    What flytraps cannot trap?

    Yea Dr. No trap is one of the trapless vars their is another one called 'rose' something or other that has no traps either... I don't find it exciting to see a VFT with no Traps maybe thats just my pet peeve lol
  9. K

    My very first flower spike!!!

    Congrats on the flower stalk! Im sure youll have fun picking pollen to cross it with or vice versa :) goodluck keep us posted!
  10. K

    Venus flytrap form lowes

    Looks to be in good shape for a lowes buy! Altman plants ..hmmm...ive seem to have heard some good/okay things from this nursery they seem to sell neps and capensis aswell to bb stores all over. ... Id say u lucked out on getting a good typical vft from their :)
  11. K

    Frithia pulchra giveaway!

    Wow congrats to the winner! Looks like i missed out on a mesemb I've been hoping to give a shot growing for some time! Congrats!
  12. K

    D. filiformis (Florida Red) Seed Giveaway

    Newbie Pool: 1. HeliamWalnut. Thanks! 2. cwatson1414 - What a great plant. Thanks! 3. PlantsnFish- Not a noob at all, just to this forum lol Active Users: 1. Firerock Thanks! 2. Chibae nice giveaway 3. jimscott Thanks! 4.KATastrophe - really would love a red one to grow :) thanks as always for...
  13. K

    Here, Be Dragons!

    Aww toothless :)
  14. K

    Happy Birthday Jimscott!

    Happy happy belated birthday Jim :) You are truly a great person and very generous and wise :) I hope u had a wonderful bday
  15. K

    Muhahahahahahahaa! HALLOWEEN IS COMMING!!

    My sister was 'boulma' (or how ever its spelled) from Dragon ball Z (on left) me on the right unfortunatly i couldnt put my contacts in b4 i went out for the night it got too late and i want gonna miss helping my sister at the comic store..where ppl actually knew who i was for Halloween lol My...
  16. K

    Muhahahahahahahaa! HALLOWEEN IS COMMING!!

    Lol you guys are Soo funny. Thanks for the compliments :) I'll post some pix of me and my sister in full costume, unfortunately my wig was so heavy i had to keep adjusting it to keep it on my little peanut head lol for photos :)
  17. K

    Muhahahahahahahaa! HALLOWEEN IS COMMING!!

    Ahrg... Dont remind me....still have horrible phone service from all the ppl that were here. Next year I'll start my costume earlier.