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    For Trade N. ampullaria (Irian jaya)

    Cutting made 4 months ago. Start to produced new pitchers. Now it has 2 new leaves and 2 pitchers. tip to tip around 3 inches. pic on my facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Patrickcarnivorousplant/posts/195706151021283 Looking for a trade with other nepenthes Thanks,
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    Hello from Houston TX

    Hello, Is any CP hobbyist in/near Houston area? Patrick
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    For Trade VFT 'Ginormous'

    I am going to repot my VFT 'Ginomous'. There are more plant than I need. I want to see if anyone is interested for a trade of the spare plantlet. Patrick
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    For Trade N. ventricosa x campanulata

    I have three N. ventricosa x campanulata cuttings up for trade. In general, I am looking for other Nepenthes not in my grow list. reply or pm me if you are interested. I will consider other CP, orchid and staghorn fern as well. Feel free to make offer. I did the cuttings three months ago. I see...
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    N x dyeriana flower

    Hello all, My N. x dyeriana got flower. This is my first time to have Nepenthes flowering. Therefore, I have a couple questions. 1. Is it a male plant? 2. is N x dyeriana fertile? 3. Need extra feeding during flowering? Thank you, Patrick
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    Help in misting system for a outdoor growing shelf

    I tried to make a misting system for my 6x8ft growing shelf outdoor. The water inlet is from rain barrel. I got a 116 psi pressure water pump and a patio water misting system (like this...
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    I have a Cephalotus (unknown clone) up for trade. I am looking for any Heliamphora. I will upload a pic later. Patrick
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    Some CPs for trade

    I love spring time because it is a good time for trading plants. I have following plants up for trade. I am looking for any CP not in my grow list (Patrickntd Grow list). Drosera D. filiformis (temperate) D. filiformis 'Florida all red' D. binata f. multifida f. extrema D. intermedia D. x...
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    I have P. primuliflora 'white flower' for trade

    P. primuliflora 'white flower' is growing petty well in my condition. i have a lot for trade. Anyone is interested, please offer. I am basically looking for any CP not in my grow list. Happy growing. Patrick
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    How to prolong the season for tuberous drosera?

    As in South Texas, the winter is relative short here in Houston. I keep my tuberous outdoor. Any idea on how to prolong the growing season for tuberous drosera? Obviously, moving them indoor and keeping them cool is an option. Unfortunately, it is not a feasible option for me. Apart from that...
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    Yellow spots on my Nep

    one of my young Nepenthes miranda hybrid got the yellow spots on the leaves recently. Other plants next to it is growing normal without yellow spots. I wonder what wrong with this little guy. I grow it outside under double-layer 40% shade cloth in Houston. The medium is LFS + perlite with some...
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    Some Pinguicula

    I have some extra plant of following ping and looking for a trade for other CP which is not on my grow list. P. primuliflora ‘white flower' P. agnata 'True Blue' P. agnata x emarginata P. emarginata x agnata P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba P. 'Apasionada' P. 'Titan' I can only ship within US. pm me...
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    Ceph for trade

    I have 2 pots of typical Ceph for trade. I am looking for Nep and tuberous drosera that I don't have. Please pm me to make offer. Please also let me know which plant (#1 or #2) you want. Plant#1 in 3 inches pot Plant#2 in 3 inches pot Thank you, Patrick
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    *PAID* 3 hybrid Pinguicula (allegedhuman $20)

    1) Bidding starts at $5.00 2) One plant of each following Pinguicula hybrids - P. 'Pirouette', P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba and P. esseriana x emarginata. The exact plants are red-circled in the 3'' pot in images below. Ship bare root. 3) Winner pays $6.00 for shipping via Paypal. 4) US only. I...
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    My first successful Pinguicula cross

    It is P. moranensis alba x P. agnata True blue. Although both of species are easy for grow and cross, I am so exciting to see my first cross flowering. It took almost 2 years from seed to flower. The seedlings
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    My Ceph

    I spent months to figure out how to grow Ceph in my setting. I think I did it finally. enjoy
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    P. agnata Red leave and P. laueana

    I am looking for P. agnata Red leave and P. laueana. You can go to my growth list (http://www.terraforums.com/forums/grow-list/136494-patrickntd-grow-list.html?highlight=patrickntd) and see if you are interested in any trade. Thank you. Happy growing. Patrick
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    What problem with my N. campanulata? Please help

    Anyone has an idea what's going wrong with my N. campanulata? The new leaves turn yellow and brown. What should I do? In the same environment next to it is my N.x Gentle cutting (below). It looks healthy and active growing. Thanks in advance.
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    P. agnata red leave and P. laueana crimson flower

    I am looking for P. agnata red leave form and P. laueana crimson flower. I have extra plant of following for trade. Thank you! P. agnata true blue P. esseriana x emarginata P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba P. 'Apasionada' Happy growing! Patrick
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    N. ampullaria Irian Jaya

    Here up for trade is a young N. ampullaria Irian Jaya. Exactly the plant in below image (3-in pot for ref). US only. If you are interested pm me your offer. I am looking for Nepnethes.