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    Science Fair Ideas!

    I love science fairs too. Right now I'm designing my yearlong project for my "biotechnology senior tech. lab" that involves the effect of differing ratios of auxins and cytokinins on drosera capensis tissue culture growth. Do you have access to column chromatography, sds-page, or gel...
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    tattooed fish, thoughts?

    Red glofish have the gene for the Red Florescent Protein (RFP) from coral, the green ones have the gene for the Green Florescent Protein (GFP) from a species of jellyfish. These genes are so much fun to play with (transforming bacteria and such).
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    tattooed fish, thoughts?

    He should get a glofish instead. They have an extra gene. Tatooing seems very cruel to me.
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    Parents, please don't do this!

    First of all, kids do get all A s in high school occasionally. One recently graduated senior from my school did, and at my school it is an extremely difficult feat. Secondly, I agree with rattler mt. In fourth grade I hit a definite slump. My parents were understanding but firm. Certain...
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    What's YOUR job/career

    I'm a senior in high school and I really like it (pres. of greenhouse club). I am also a soccer referee (about $1400 a year), a babysitter of kids with autism, and a math tutor for middle schoolers.
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    Olympic Opening Ceramonies

    I thought the opening ceremony was nice, but I didn't like the fact that a good portion of the fireworks were computer generated, and the little girl singing was only lip-syncing, as the girl actually singing wasn't "cute" enough. I think the goverment was a little too obsessed with perfection.
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    dang raccoons!

    Never underestimate the power of a determined racoon. In Florida I've seen them chew their way through a thick plastic trashcan, and pull bits of trash through one by one.
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    Colorado Springs

    If you visit garden of the gods, don't sit on a cactus like my brother did. Cheyenne Mountain base also gives tours (my dad used to work there), its a really cool missile detection base located inside the mountains. It is meant to survive missile attacks, and all the buildings are on hundreds...
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    Question about gas prices

    I've read that local price differences are based upon how much the local economy can handle. If a certain area is convenient and gets lots of traffic that can afford to pay more, gas stations in the area will raise their prices. Unfortunate for the middle to lower class.
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    Father/daughter Talk

    Didn't Washington also warn us about getting tangled up in foriegn affairs?
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    Lowland Greenhouse in Central California

    If your greenhouse is only 6x6x6, you might be able to find a smaller "windowsill" sized swamp cooler that would cost less. Brian Just as a quick example, something like this: http://www.air-n-water.com/product/AF-315.htm might work just as well
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    Genetic discrimination to be banned (yes!)

    Has anyone seen the movie Gattaca? It shows what the future could be if genetic discrimination ever became a serious threat.
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    How did I get myself into this?!

    My school has a greenhouse, and a greenhouse club to run it. As the "president" of this club, I get to decide what goes in and what we will grow for our plant sales(currently we have about 80 mimosa pudica, geraniums, and a million spider plants). Yesterday a freshmen biology teacher asked me...
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    What's your favorite subject

    Sure. Brian
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    What's your favorite subject

    EdaxFlamma, I think I have heard her name mentioned before.
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    Internship at the ABG!

    That sounds really cool. I am currently in the process of apply the the US Botanic Gardens to try to gain some lab experience this summer. Of course, they only have a few cps:-(
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    What's your favorite subject

    I'm currently in Latin III. I don't have Mrs. Freitas, I have Ms. Conklin. Sometimes we work out of Ecce Romani III, other times we translate "real" latin , eg. I just finished the first bit of De Bello Gallico (About the Gallic Wars by Caesar). I enjoy Latin, although it is not my favorite...
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    What's your favorite subject

    Nepenthusiast, I take Latin as well, what level are you taking?
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    What's your favorite subject

    Just out of curiosity, what is (or was) your favorite subject in school. Brian
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    gemmae swap

    Thanks for telling me. Does anyone have any drosera or nepenthes seeds then? Again, I have around 50 of them.