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  1. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month April 2015

    Just when I thought I could have a decent pitcher to post here someone comes and puts an amazing N. klossii LOL Anyways, I hope you like my entry. N. tenuis
  2. Tuuagso

    Show Me Your N. aristolochioides Hybrids!

    I really liked this thread! Here's my N. ventricosa red x aristolochioides
  3. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month June 2014

    Here's my entry... N. lowii x ventricosa
  4. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month May 2014

    My Nepenthes sibuyanensis :D
  5. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month April 2014

    I'm really proud of this pitcher of N. sibuyanensis :D Hope you like it
  6. Tuuagso

    Terraforums 2014 calendar contest vote here!

    Was my picture too small too?
  7. Tuuagso

    Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

    I know I'm too late, but I needed to try... My Cephalotus...
  8. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month October 2013

    N. hamata x platychila
  9. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month August 2013

    Update... N. jamban
  10. Tuuagso

    Let's dedicate a thread to the smaller, less flamboyant neps

    I hope these ones be small enough N. aristolochioides N. dubia N. villosa N. flava N. rajah N. glabrata and the very first pitcher of a N. ventricosa x aristolochioides cutting...
  11. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month August 2013

    I have no choice... Nepenthes jamban
  12. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month June 2013

    Very nice plants this month! It's going to be a hard competition This is my entry: N. sibuyanensis
  13. Tuuagso

    N. maxima 'Lake Poso'

    It looks very similar! But it is also very different from Cindy's Lake Poso, I guess they are not clones. Thanks for your answers ;)
  14. Tuuagso

    Pitcher of the Month March 2013

    Here's my N. lowii
  15. Tuuagso

    N. maxima 'Lake Poso'

    Very nice plant Cindy! I acquired this plant as "N. eymae", but as everybody know, almost no-one have the real deal. My plant looks very different from yor maxima, but I would like to know your oppinion... ¿What do you think, eymae or maxima? A saller but more colorful pitcher Regards
  16. Tuuagso

    N. ampullaria Appreciation Thread!

    Melson, your plants are fantastic! I'm a highland grower, but I have to accept your plants are perfect, I wish I could have those forms.
  17. Tuuagso

    Bohemian Garnet just won't grow!

    Thanks for your comments. I'll feed my tiny plants. I didn't get them from seed, I purchased them on Bestcarnivorousplants.
  18. Tuuagso

    DonH's Nepenthes Pic Thread

    Wow! you're the first person I see who grows AW and BE clones, the size difference is astonishing, but the prices too, I wish I could get one, but I'm poor, I could buy AW's, but I'd rather get something bigger with those 60 euro.