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  1. Drew

    Cloning project

    i dun broke my camera :/
  2. Drew

    Cloning project

    Just took all the plants out of the cloner this morning and all in all ill call it a success, sundews didn't do to hot i got a few viable ones but not many, darlingtonia's did prety good not alot of root growth but no losses, and pings did great i had some awesome root growth and they seem to be...
  3. Drew

    Leaving (temporarily)

    I get where you coming from, i used to be on here all the time to (took a longer break than expected though) hope to see you around every so often though. -Drew
  4. Drew

    MEMBERS PHOTOS!  Let us see you!

    Me and my date at Junior prom
  5. Drew

    Cloning project

    I should have it all set up Wednesday, ill post pics
  6. Drew

    New plants, from an anonymous Eastern European CP vendor.

    Wow the Heli's look great! Money well spent
  7. Drew

    Cloning project

    My buddy is lending me his hydroponic cloner which has 36 spots for cuttings, i am only going to use about 20 spots in it so that leaves 16 spots unused (im pretty good at math :D ). If you have a plant cutting you would like cloned i would be happy to throw it in for you. I only request you pay...
  8. Drew

    D. filiformis cuttings for SASE or trade

    1 hcarlton, SASE 2 SgtSarracenia, SASE 3 hardrockerCP, SASE ( but if everyone else SASE's i could come up with a trade cause your being so cool) 4 Leafkirby SASE 5 Drew SASE 6
  9. Drew

    The New Light Creative Engineering

    haha im surprised it can hold that, but looks good and bright. Got some custom wiring running through there?
  10. Drew

    Back from the dead ;)

    Thanks man its good to be back
  11. Drew

    Back from the dead ;)

    Im coming back to TF after a break from cp's and such. Sayin hi to all the older members (whoever remains of us vets) as well as hi to all the newer members i don't know yet. Looking forward to meeting everyone again and gettin back into cp's
  12. Drew

    Sarracenia Seeds for SASE

    1. massmorels 2. Bag1234 3. sarracenia 4. Chibae, if you're still putting names in a hat ;-) 5. flytraplady5 ditto 6. millworkman 7. Nikki630 8. c.louis5 9. Jimscott 10. Drew if your still open :D
  13. Drew

    lookin for some seeds

    hey im looking for some sundew seeds (any kind) willing to trade pm me if your interested
  14. Drew

    SASE: D. Capensis 'Alba'

    1. jpappy789- thanks a bunch! 2. JB in Utah - Thank You 3. schejuka Thanks! 4.Drew - thanks :D 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  15. Drew

    D. Venusta seed "SASE"/trade *USA ONLY*

    1 silenceisgod 2 Lil Stinkpot 3 CPsam 4 limeslide 5 Raven01000 6 vbkid 7 Drew 8 9 10
  16. Drew

    Looking for CP-lovers over 55 to interview!

    HEyy your one of the few people from ri :D
  17. Drew

    my bog needs new members :D

    i dont mind getting rid of some plants for bog plants :D
  18. Drew

    Project: Tiered Plant Stand

    verry nice puma :D
  19. Drew

    my bog needs new members :D

    see anything you like on my grow list
  20. Drew

    my bog needs new members :D

    0_0 its lonely lol pm me if anything my outdated growlist is below