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  1. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    Well I opened up this storage pit tonight after dinner. I took some photos, but I have to wait till another day to post them up. Too late now. A rodent got in there and really ate the pitchers of my S. minor. Lots of oak/maple leaves filtered down on top of the pots. I shook off what I could and...
  2. jerrysmith


    My Bulbophyllum taiwanense has about 16 flower spikes this year!! This is a huge amount for my plant. Last year I had two spikes. I'm pretty happy. My plant must be too.
  3. 2021-3-4 Bulbo taiwanense 3.JPG

    2021-3-4 Bulbo taiwanense 3.JPG

  4. 2021-3-4 Bulbo taiwanense 2.JPG

    2021-3-4 Bulbo taiwanense 2.JPG

  5. 2020-10-31 S. purpurea 1.JPG

    2020-10-31 S. purpurea 1.JPG

  6. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    The 30's is nothing for your Sarracenia. Do you have any place outdoors under full sun to keep your plant? I'm attaching a photo of my Sarr's taken March 21, 2014 when I brought the plants out into the light but before I trimmed off the dead pitchers. I leave as much of living pitcher as I can...
  7. 2014-3-21 S. purpurea after overwinter in garage 1.JPG

    2014-3-21 S. purpurea after overwinter in garage 1.JPG

  8. jerrysmith

    Hi from Chicago.

    I was searching the site to see if you had posted where you live after I asked in the overwintering thread. I like to add into my profile where I live, even generally, so others can know the general area I live in. Like, I'm not down in the Florida Panhandle, but up north.
  9. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    How cold do your winters get? What USDA Hardiness zone are you? I overwinter some S. purpurea in the detached unheated garage. It does get warmer from sunshine through a window. Don't give up on your plant until June at least. If its alive it will send up flowers (if old enough) first and then...
  10. jerrysmith

    Properties of alternative growth media

    I've used Coir for cactus and it is sure easier to get wet compared to dry peat moss.
  11. 2021-1-9 S. x Maroon 2.JPG

    2021-1-9 S. x Maroon 2.JPG

  12. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    I just looked up my zone and it is 6b. Back in the mid 80's I can remember a neg 20F morning. Only one I've seen. That is the real temperature, not wind chill temp.
  13. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    What did you do for your Fat Chance to overwinter it? Do you grow it outdoors, or is it an indoor plant year round? This is a S. x "Maroon" I was overwintering in my garage. We had a warm January this year and I noticed this plant was putting out new growth. It is the light green growth...
  14. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    Sangrocks101 How deep do I bury my plants? I'll quote the first post: I place saucers on about a foot thick of leaves which contain the plants and then fill with rain water or DI. I enclose them in a wire cage and add leaves on top and around. There is about a 2-3 foot layer between the cage...
  15. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    So you are colder than me? Our winter lows are usually 10 F but we can see 0 at times. Not many days that cold though.
  16. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    Gadzooks, I forget where you live. Is it Nebraska? I just hovered over your photo and saw NE. I'm in Northern NJ.
  17. jerrysmith

    ID Pumpkins!

    There is a good chance you may have a hybrid pumpkin from the grocery store. Its seeds will give you a wide range of plants. If you grew multiple varieties of the same species, you will have hybrid seeds in your pumpkins. Again you will get a mix of plants next year. If you really want to...
  18. jerrysmith

    Overwintering my tender Sarrs

    I almost took them out of the mulch Saturday but it is supposed to go down to 17 tonight. I did put out a bunch of S. purpurea and a S. rubra that were not buried, just stored in my detached garage. I brought them all in tonight. They got a really good light rain all day Sunday. Really flushed...
  19. jerrysmith

    Plant of the Month February 2021

    Mine are all dormant except for my Drosera hybrid growing under lights. I entered that before. No real change since then.
  20. jerrysmith

    Give Away 2 Pinguicula lauena x emarginata plants + babies

    Thank you very much. 1) John7429 2) zacher93 3) Nikki630 4) Sanguinearocks101-Thank You 5) Gadzooks 6) Monkey 7) jaje61 8) jerrysmith 9)