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    Nepenthes suratensis Emergency Action Required!!!

    A bit of great conservation news from SEANSRF: In addition, there's a Nepenthes surantensis change.org petition.
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    Nepenthes suratensis Emergency Action Required!!!

    From S.E. Asian Nepenthes Study & Research Foundation (SEANSRF): For more information, please visit http://icps.proboards.com/thread/7133
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    VERY ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

    Because it is against US and International laws. Penalities: http://www.gc.noaa.gov/schedules/6-ESA/EnadangeredSpeciesAct.pdf
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    is the NASC website down?

    NASC site is currently down. I'll go ahead and let Mark Todd know that you are interested in a copy of Lost world. Thanks for your interest in NASC.
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    OLD METAL: Iron Maiden carnival mirror winner Ozzy $6

    $5. Ozzy -- the LA glam mirror is yours.
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    Illegal sale

    Typically the listing is banned after many, many contacts. If it gets bad enough, the user will be banned. However, the seller can usually create another name and use the same auction text without any blocking by fleaBay. The cycle could repeat, but most people won't bother reporting them...
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    Nominations OPEN for NASC's 2010 Board of Directors

    seedjar, There some position details (slightly out-of-date) at: http://nasarracenia.org/index.php?option=com_deeppockets&task=catShow&id=3&Itemid= P.S. There's no dash in Vice-President.
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    trading pygmies

    No, but it helps. I'll PM you.
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    trading pygmies

    PMs sent.
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    trading pygmies

    I'm looking for these 4 species -- Drosera barbigera, D. gibsonii, D. silvicola, and D. stelliflora. Can trade for gemmae of following species: Drosera x badgerupii "Carbarup" dichrosepala echinoblastus lasiantha occidentalis ssp. australis pulchella pulchella x ericksoniae...
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    U. gibba

    Maybe U. gibba is everywhere, but there are different gene pools everywhere and you don't want to contaminate with an introduction. Just like humans are everywhere, but yet we don't all share the same genes.
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    VERY ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, there's no reference link on wiki. It might be true in Madagascar, bz they facing some serious environmental issues right now. However, it's not listed in CITES, which is the source to check to see what species are required to have permits for importing...
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    VERY ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

    Drosera madagascariensis is not endangered.
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    pygmy Drosera

    Thanks, Mark. That was my initial guess. It's probably something that is in the Drosera paleacea ssp complex if you believe in that classification.
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    pygmy Drosera

    Here are two shots of an unknown plant... I have an idea what it could be, but would like a better opinion. Thanks!
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    NASC Elections

    President: Suzanne Hedderly
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    My crazy Malaysian nepenthes adventure

    Hey Max, Glad you got to see Nepenthes in the wild! Wasn't this your first CP trip? Anyway, I think http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v346/maxschaefer/Langkawi%20Nepenthes/IMG_2446.jpg is N. gracilis. Is the following red pitcher from a different plant...
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    Jim Miller's Lost World 2-disk set (Signed) #1 (Winner Emesis) $25

    That's fine. I would like to receive it before August as I'll be traveling then. Thanks.