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  1. Kyle

    Energy Crisis

    If you want to get the benefits of utilizing your central AC during the day, when the lights are on (like I do), you need to route the air STRAIGHT from one of your house's vents into the GH. That way, when the AC kicks on, it blows straight into the GH, and that air is downright cold. Again...
  2. Kyle

    Energy Crisis

    Granted, my GH is in the basement, which I know you don't have, but it's somewhat similar regardless. It's getting over 100 here already and I've yet to plug in the portable AC unit. I've done what Mach recommended, running things at night, but for different reasons. The main issue with doing...
  3. Kyle

    Fire in Colorado Springs - Waldo Canyon Fire

    Our state is burning. ;c Seriously, fires all over the place. What is it right now? 8 fires across Colorado? I can't even believe that one in Estes Park started as a house fire and proceeded to burn down 21 houses. I wonder if it wasn't at least partially because their local firefighters were...
  4. Kyle

    New camera, new skillz... some interesting shots. (Thanks for looking!)

    THIS. I second this ten hundred percents! XD Really, though, RAW offers a whole lot more flexibility while not detracting from the image's quality. You may have to buy an external HD, though... On to my critiquing... keep in mind, this is all my own $0.02, with my own biases and partialities...
  5. Kyle

    DIY - Fogger Water Reservoir

    I never bothered to consider tap water because I was afraid of hard water deposits slowly forming on everything, plants included. My tap probably isn't hard enough (~60ppm) to do that, not for a very long time at least, but regardless of that, I'm probably too lazy to keep up with cleaning the...
  6. Kyle

    DIY - Fogger Water Reservoir

    Derp, I failed to realize the valve's fixture itself was brass. LOL. Nevermind me... I've also toyed with the idea of using a big trash can as the humidifier itself. I don't know anything about the math behind it, but I am suspicious you'd need a larger fan to cope with that much air space once...
  7. Kyle

    DIY - Fogger Water Reservoir

    Not bad, good sir, not bad! I'm in that "refill the 5-gallon every day" boat, so I've been looking at ways to remedy that. What I'd really like to do is use a couple float switches (redundancy FTW... *looks in Butch's general direction*) and hook it right up to the RO unit. But this is much...
  8. Kyle

    Adventures in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

    LOL, yes, of course... ISO. Derp.
  9. Kyle

    Adventures in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

    Not that I know of. AEB just automatically sets shutter speed for you at pre-determined intervals (typically in 1/3 stop increments, from -2 to +2). Just makes it easy to get the three shots you need at the stops you want them at.
  10. Kyle

    Adventures in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

    Thank ya kindly. Thanks! I've been wanting to try it too, finally got around to it. IR stuff is pretty cool too, but don't you need a lens/filter for it? Funny, I find exactly the opposite. I like auto-bracketing way more because it's far faster, hence less chance for ghosting. Put the camera...
  11. Kyle

    Adventures in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

    Does your camera offer 5 auto-bracketed shots, or do you get 5 shots manually?
  12. Kyle

    Adventures in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

    Thanks, Peatmoss. @Brokken: From wikipedia: "High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or HDR) is a set of methods used in imaging and photography, to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods...
  13. Kyle

    Tillandsia ionantha mex & funkiana

    B'lieve I have both in the greenhouse. I never soak any of my Tillies and they are all poppin' off new pups all the time, and many have bloomed, some more than once. Then again, the GH stays at 85% humidity all day, so that probably helps. I do thoroughly mist them every few days. Tillies are...
  14. Kyle

    Adventures in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

    I'm just starting to give this a try, got my first one yesterday evening. Our horse in front of the smoke of a nearby fire (High Park fire) close to sunset. Far from perfect, but I am quite happy with it. Anyone else dabbled with the technique at all? If so, please share! Like focus...
  15. Kyle

    Photography class, part one.

    Great idea! For real, the biggest piece of advice I ever got and that I can give can be summed up with one, simple word: experiment. Just... PLAY AROUND with the thing. You can set the camera to aperture priority (for the sake of this exercise) and do as Paul suggested and watch what your...
  16. Kyle

    Happy Birthday Seedjar

    Happy birthday! I miss our late-night brainstorm sessions, haha. I hope you're well, duder.
  17. Kyle

    Lime's Carnivorous Adventures of Pie.

    Your plants always look so fantastic... ultrajellyness. I thought about you the other day out at the stables... saw a gorgeous yellow bird, I think it was an American Goldfinch. Quite spectacular.
  18. Kyle

    CP Dreams?

    I don't blame you, good sir, I don't blame you...
  19. Kyle

    Happy Birthday Tamlin!

    Aye, and people you've never even met, too. You're a shining example of what this community thrives on and we all owe you our thanks. While I never had the pleasure of meeting you, I'm deeply sorry for what you're going through and can only hope someone, somewhere in a position of power has the...