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    Anyone ever tried Utric topiary?

    I saw U. sandersonii growing in a tree fern pot made for orchids. Like this. It will grow through the sides of the pot. But imagine what would happen if you used one of these!
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    I found a Utric!

    If I had to guess, I would say U. gibba. But I am a long way from Mississippi, and I am not sure what species grow there.
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    help with 2 id's

    I concur. There is, however, a clone of U. parthenopipes around that looks very similar to the white U. blanchetii. You could key it out to be sure.
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    I found that they took a while to get established in the peat/sand mix, but once they did they were pretty much maintenance free. I always found that live sphagnum was always on the verge of overgrowing the plant. But it is true that live moss can work wonders on all sorts of stubborn CPs...
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    I grew all my genlisea side by side in the same media and water tray as my utrics. Media was sand and peat. I would water them to within a 1-2 cm of the surface then water again when the tray was dry. This method worked for the common species, such as violacea and hispidula, as well as aurea...
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    How effective are utricularia?

    I don't think a utric would help much. What kind of bugs are they? Pings seem to catch a lot of fungus gnats.
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    Utric dormancy?

    Although U. praelonga will not die if not given dormancy, it probably requires some kind of temp change in order to trigger flowering. I base this statement on the observation that people who grow it in greenhouses in temperate regions often get it to flower, while i have never heard of anyone...
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    Utricularia blanchettii x microcalyx

    I have my doubts about this plant. For one, all the specimens of U. microcalyx that I ever saw were the same odd-looking clone of U. livida (or at least it keyed out to be U. livida). But definitely not U. microcalyx. Second, I've never seen a really convincing example of a Utric hybrid in...
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    U. jamesoniana pictures

    Geez, it's kinda small. Don't ya have any bigger plants?
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    Fall vacation.

    My wife and I are going to California for a vacation next week and I finally get to visit California Carnivores. I'm pretty excited, having never really seen more than a few carnivorous plants at a time in real life (except my own collection, of course, but that's not really the same.)
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    U. monathos

    The article that adresses U. monanthos (as well as U. novae-zealandia) as synonyms for U. dichotoma is this: http://www.rsnz.org/publish/nzjb/1999/25.php I have read the full article and it seems convincing enough. That being said, the specimen of U. monanthos that I used to have is...
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    Jims nemisis................

    Did you try smelling the flowers on U. odorata? Kind of a strange smell, huh?
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    Utrics with pretty flowers

    U. blanchettii & U. flaccida are easy to grow and have nice flowers. Plus they are a little less common than the old standards. And U. welwitschii is nice too, with cool twining flowers.
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    Genlisea violacea ?'s

    Of the plants that I grew, the "giant" was a much larger and more robust plant that the "regular" form, with leaves at least twice the size.
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    U. sp. from sg batang pinang

    Looks like U. uliginosa to me. But it could be many things. It would probably flower if you grew it as a terrestrial, then we would know for sure.
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    U. multifida

    One of the only times I ever had any luck growing utrics from seed was with U. multifida. I planted them in a pot of mixed peat and sand, spread the seeds on the surface, then gave them a good spraying with water a couple of times per day. They germinated within a couple of weeks, and I kept up...
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    U. sandwithii and u. steyermarkii

    It's nice to see a picture of a *real* U. steyermarkii. For years people have been getting a that darn misidentified U. tridentata clone in their collection and calling it U. steyermarkii.
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    Germinating u.voloubilis

    I got on seed out of many to germinate once by floating them on the surface of a petri dish full of water. I was not able to get the seedling to last long enough to become a mature plant.
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    Utricularia capilliflora

    Hey folks. An interesting note about this species, from Taylor's book. There are four utric species that share a similar flower form (U. antennifera, dunlopii, capiliflora and dunstaniae, I think - excuse any spelling errors, I don't have the book handy.) However; in two species the appendages...
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    A couple....hundred questions

    For what it's worth, I never did anything to "feed" any of my utrics (terrestrials, "epiphytes" and subaquatics) and they all grew and flowered just fine. There was probably something living in the media, but never because I put it there on purpose.