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  1. D_muscipula

    Green Swamp Preserve

    That's awesome! Such a beautiful place. I'm jealous.
  2. D_muscipula

    Sarracenia dormancy

    Don't worry about feeding them. Don't over think it. If they are outside they catch plenty.
  3. D_muscipula

    Fertilizing Nepanthes?

    I had some plants that were really struggling. Not dead but they weren't growing at all. Leaf production stopped entirely. I rescued a few plants with maxsea and have had freat results. I use the 16-16-16 fertilizer. 1/4 teaspoon mixed into a gallon of water. Spray the leaves every 2 weeks. One...
  4. D_muscipula

    Looking For (To Buy) Nepenthes gracilis varieties/hybrids

    I have a red form. Are you only looking to buy or would you trade also? Do you have a growlist?
  5. D_muscipula

    What causes sundews to be pale and dewless?

    My drosera andromeda plants aren't looking so great and I lost my mother plant. What causes sundews to be so pale instead of green and how can I save these babies?
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  8. D_muscipula

    Pitcher of the Month October 2022

    Nepenthes reinwardtiana red kelabit highlands
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  13. D_muscipula

    D_muscipula's photo thread!

    Well time to update this old thread instead of creating a new one. I'm really excited about this u common hybrid between two common species. N. sanguinea x ventricosa
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  16. D_muscipula

    Some cacti

    Various trichocereus hybrids. This is my second year growing cacti. I've lost many due to mites. I've sunburned a few plants, underwatered others. I've gotten a lot better at growing them and have lost zero plants my second year. I've actually saved a few with might damage by treating them with...
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