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    What is this? (?utricularia?)

    A little late but it is a Phlebodium aureum. Golden polypody fern. Native to FL. Not endangered, pretty but gets big, so not good for a terrarrium. Good for a hot house.
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    Catopsis Giveaway!

    Hey, where did you get this plant. I was jsut informed that I do not have berteronianabut was not told what it was. I bought mine from A. Wistuba a long time ago.
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    5 free Heliamphora folliculata seed

    36 Awesome feat growing that BTW. Greenhouse or terrarium?
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    wishful thinking

    You were on this page? because I found byblis aquatica in stock... http://www.triffidnurseries.co.uk/browse_cats.php?pt_id=1 Sometime all you need are three seed. If you look at the price of plants nowadays, buying 2 packets is nothing to get a few plants growing especially the rarer ones...
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    wishful thinking

    Triffid Nurseries in the UK sells seeds of rare species like these. I am in the US and have had no problem receiving seed from them.
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    Nepenthes seed offer

    what are you looking for? I'm interested in N. neoguineensis seed.
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    Sarracenia and orchids for trade

    I have plenty of Aldrovanda I would trade for the S. mitchellliana and S purp x flava.
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    Unflowered and unidentified pinguicula

    oh well. Let me know if you need anything as I have a few things to trade or spare. I can grow the hell out of P. gigantea. I used to have a lot but now I keep a few things I can grow well. I branch out into what I use to have to try to master it additionally. Michael
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    Unflowered and unidentified pinguicula

    I'd love to get one. I'll trade you as I am another pingiphile. Please let me know what you are looking for. Michael
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    Aldrovanda (Aus)

    sorry didn't realize the ediquette as I grow plants more than I am on here. I was just trying to save Copper the hassle.
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    Aldrovanda (Aus)

    I have plenty of Ausatralian Aldrovanda and I'm in the states, easy shipping an looking for trades. PM me.
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    50:50 Nep Pollenation

    did you send the plants yet? If not I have plent of femalse blooming to pollinate. Michael
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    N. gracilis seed for trade

    Hi, I have seed from a N. gracilis green type x a dusky pitchered one. I have several pods of seed that I can trade. I am looking for any of the following below: Pings: laueana moranensis - white flower hemiepiphytica rotundiflora gracilis emarginata kondoi pilosa ibarrae aganta - scented...
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    Please identify this unknown Nepenthes

    N. ventricosa x inermis
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    "SASE"-D. capensis 'Albino'

    Thanks!! Mail call! List: 1 Raven01000 2 Narnar 3 kgrudz 4 Ngantnier 5 Pandora 6 Phil1 7 Zero 8 Jag 9 Vbkid 10 Zhilin 11 Maxx 12 Maxx 13 Massmorels 14 Alex2751 15 ShaneC 16 ShaneC 17 SGcvn69 18 SGcvn69 19 TENroaches 20 insecttrap 21 22 23
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    Varoius for trade

    Hi, I have some D. scorpoides pink & D. omissa gemmae,D. burmanni, D. Dichotoma 'Giant', P. pumila 'purple flower, 1 P. colimensis, P. gigantea, P. 'Aphrodite', Aldrovanda green subtropical, and some N. 'Viking' seedlings(really small) available to trade. As you can read this is a variety of...
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    Seeds for SASE

    Fixed... Byblis liniflora (~5 seeds) : 1. catrus 2.DavyJones 3.Nepenthes101 4. Chezilla. thanks Proboscidea parviflora var. hohokamiana (~ 7 seeds) : 1.insecttrap(thanks!) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Dionaea muscipula (~5 seeds) : 1. Swampdonkey (thanks so much) 2. Drosera filiformis subsp. filiformis (~7 or...