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    Fresh Nepenthes seed giveaway!

    Does anyone know when the winners will be picked.
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    Nepenthes truncata X spectabilis

    1. RandyS. Squirrel Paw Earrings https://www.etsy.com/listing/1179261...al-animal-feet 2. theplantman47 - For some it might not be weird, but it is what it is lol....wearable sleeping bag.... http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/wearable-sleeping-bag
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    Trade List

    Lol I understand and thank you nice to meet you
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    Trade List

    xDD okay okay ill change it im sorry for the rift I caused in the community
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    Trade List

    Yeah XD I got it, sorry I feel stupid now
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    Trade List

    WAIT...I read that wrong okay I live in Midwest Florida.
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    Trade List

    Okay ill Pm you
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    Trade List

    Due to overpopulation I am trading some duplicates to make room for new plants. .Nepenthes coccinea (mature plant) .Nepenthes Miranda (rooted cutting) .Drosera binata marstons dragon .Drosera filiformis tracyii .Drosera spathulata .Drosera nitidula x pulchella .Vft "spider" .Green sphagnum moss...
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    Fresh Nepenthes seed giveaway!

    1.)Dexenthes <3 2.) hcarlton 3.) Eric_N Thank you, Zu! o3o 4.) Knuckles - 5.) RandyS Thank You, Zu and Dexenthes! 6.) Fatbunny - big thank you both of you! 7.) ps3isawesome - thank you so much! beautiful plant 8.) That One Guy THANKS Zu! 9.) Incognito - Thanks for both of you...
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    N. mirabilis Giveaway

    1. SgtSarracenia -- thank you, I lost mine last year 2. David F- Yay! 3. Unprofessiona - very kind of you! 4. Eric_N - Thanks~ 5. Darlantin - AMazing, thank you! 6. Nikki60 -- mucho gracias .. muy muy amable 7. chch - Thank you. 8. 801229001 , thanks ! 9. chrysamphora. Tibi Gratias Ago...
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    D. sp. "Lantau Island" Giveaway

    1) aerogrower-nice giveaway thanks. 2) chch - [crosses fingers] 3) 801229001 - Thanks 4) Darlantin - Amazing, I would pass on the Utricularia though. 5) PitcherPlantr - Thank you 6) Bflocpfan- just getting back into this after losing most plants in last year's winter, thanks again!!! 7)...
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    Moving give-away

    Pinguicula gigantea 1. ps3isawesome 2. unprofessiona 3. vbkid, thanks for the great chance! 4. Nikki630 -- Pinguicula gigantea shot first 5. PitcherPlantr -Thank you for the opportunity! 6. chch 7. afrodisa -- Thanks 8. DragonsEye --kewl! 9. SerMuncherIV - Thanks, need to expand the...
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    Nepenthes Coccinea For Trade

    I own a Nepenthes Coccinea about a foot tall with a small basal, I feel like it would thrive better in a more appropriate lowland environment. I am willing to trade it for most Nepenthes, PM me if you are interested.
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    Theplantman's Grow List

    Drosera Filiformis var. Tracyii Spathulata spathulata "Frasier Island" Capensis Capillaris Giant Binata Binata "Marstons Dragon" Scorpiodes Nitidula x Pulchella Sarracenia Flava Flava 'Burlesque' x copper top Leucophylla Leucophylla red Alata Psitticinia x Minor Kilimanjaro x Alata 'Black'...