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    weirdest cactus on earth

    Sounds like some stapelia species. The description of the flower sounds like S. variagata. the flower of this species is mottled red and brown like a rafflesia but the flower is only about 2-3 inches across.
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    Scorpions and Tarantulas

    Hi Larry, the sting wasn't too bad. less painful than a nettle sting but suprising for its size! Fortunatly I did a lot of research before I got it. The tank is heated with a small underhground heater to the left of the tank and a larger heater wich goes on the rear of the tank wall. The...
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    Hi Ram, The fruits should be placed in a warm dry placeuntil the skin dries out and turns brown. Once this happens if you give it a gentle squeeze the skin will crack and you can carefully peel it of the fibrous loofa. I then soaked mine in a disinfectant solution for a few hours to make sure...
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    Scorpions and Tarantulas

    I was Given a little baby Black Emperor scorpion on monday (Pandinus imperator). It is such a beautiful little thing, Glossy black with a pure white sting. I named it Dax! Scorpion.1 Scorpion.2 Scorpion.in.tank Scorpion.tank.1 Scorpion.tank.2 I also got my first sting of it as well...
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    My music tastes vary although I would probably call myself a cheesy pop person! I am a huuuuuuge fan of the Eurythmics and also Scandinavia's Ace Of Base. I have every Album and singles that these bands have produced. My rarest is My Eurythmics Picture disc of 'julia' from the the soundtrack...
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    If you like pics

    Mine is! Ok, i'm just being snobby now!
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    U. praelonga

    Hi All! U. Praelonga was one of my first Utrics (and one of my first plants of my cp collection&#33 . I had my plant for quite some time before it flowered. My plant is grown in live sphagnum moss. I used to grow it in peat but I found the plant to grow much more happy when I changed the...
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    U. Tricolor flowering!!!!

    Nnooooooooooooooooooo! The flower stems have taken this long to mature. The stem is about 7 inches long and has two buds on the tip the one is at birsting point and will be open within the next two days! Problem is I fly to Majorca tommorrow morning.....
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    Utricularia nephrophylla

    I managed to get this rather poor pic today. You get the idea though!
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    Utricularia nephrophylla

    Hi Martin. I have grown the plant for about 3 years now. As Pyro mentioned it is a very easy grower but it really seems to take off in winter! I have leaves sticking up in great clumps from the drainage holes of my pot! It really doesn't require any special treatment. Mine is grown at the end of...
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    Devils Claw

    google has a translator tool. Go to language tools by the search bar. I have already attempted to translate the Ibicella page though! Translated!
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    Hi Tristan. Unknown clown was refering to tha fact that your link doesn't work    We get a message telling us that we are not the owner of that album and that we have to be logged in to view it. Try registering and uploading your photo's at this site They allow you to link to the image in your...
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    Pings you Own!

    My Pings: P. moranesis P. hemiepiphytica (oaxaca??) P. laueana cp2 P. esseriana P. emarginata P. ehlersai P. agnata 'el lobo' P. cyclosecta P. gigantea P. x weser P. gigantea 'alba' x moctezumae (fantastic hybrid!!! ) P. primuliflora P. grandiflora P. vulgaris
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    Scarifying seeds

    I have only ever attempted R. gorgonias. R. denatata is supposed to be a much harder plant to germinate but I will tell you what i did anyway!!! I got a metal pan and placed some screwed up newspaper on it. On top of this I added a variety of materials, dead dry leaves from various grasses and...
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    What plants do you grow?

    I grow: Catopsis Berteroniana and I have a pot of newly germinated Roridula gorgonias seedlings.
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    SW Giant being Consumed !

    Hi Dave, Sounds like greenfly to me. U/C is right. The best non-chemical way to kill them is to submerge your plant for at least over night or for 24 hours so that they will drown. I have done this on several occasions with my VFT's Sundews and pitcher plants and it works a treat! If you wan't...
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    identify a VFT

    Alexis, Was that a sharks tooth I bought off you at Mikes open day? If it is then i'm really confused as to what my other one is! It looks totaly different!
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    identify a VFT

    Tony, What are the main characteristics of the 'sharks teeth' variety? Here in the UK there is a form called sharks tooth. I grow it but it never produces red traps, just pinkish coloured ones. The leaves prior to flowering are normal everyday type leaves with long trap hairs. After flowering...
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    Devils Claw

    Roridula is a plant wich I don't think should be classed as a straight out carnivorous plant as it has no way of making any use of the trapped insects by itself. I think it should be classed as a sub-carnivor. The plant has obviously devised a very efficient trapping mechanism. If you have...
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    Devils Claw

    Adding to all the above! I think that enzyme production is not really the basis of how to tell if a plant is carnivorous or not. Even if All sarracenia DIDN'T produce any digestive enzymes they could still legitimatley fall into the 'carnivorous' category. They produce the means to lure and...