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  1. FlytrapGurl

    Cat joke. :~)

    A bear and a rabbit were takin a crap in the woods. The bear turns to the rabbit and says 'do you have a problem with crap stickin to your fur?' the rabbit says 'no' so the bear wipes his butt with the rabbit.
  2. FlytrapGurl

    vft guy in SJ

    happy bday!! where's he been anyway?
  3. FlytrapGurl

    Do we need this: Glowing Cats

    Whaaaaat the [bleep].
  4. FlytrapGurl

    How many of you have seen a ghost?

    i haven't necessarily SEEN so much, at least nothing significant, but i've definitely had experiences. in this house and others. it's been a long time since anything has happened here though. dont know why. but i believe in it.
  5. FlytrapGurl

    My photo of the year..

    yeah yo, i know im a better driver than alot of ppl, & pretty much 99% of other ppl my age i know.
  6. FlytrapGurl

    The game thread!

    if something needs an imaging program i really dont think its worth the work to have fun with. lol
  7. FlytrapGurl

    The game thread!

    i still dont know how to do that other one u guys.
  8. FlytrapGurl


    LOL definitely.. i remember that was one of the ones on the list of school pranks on bored.com. except it talked about an actual universal remote.
  9. FlytrapGurl

    The game thread!

    i dont get it. i am so lost.:crazy:
  10. FlytrapGurl

    Evil post count!

    i do!!! good times...
  11. FlytrapGurl


    wow. thats definitely a universal remote.
  12. FlytrapGurl

    Which do you like best?

    first one... the blood is a lil cheesy & looks kinda choppy b/c its 2 totally different fonts.
  13. FlytrapGurl

    3rd eye

    no its not i got it :-))
  14. FlytrapGurl

    The game thread!

    holy :censor: ..... http://bored.com/mysticalball/index.htm
  15. FlytrapGurl

    The game thread!

    how did u beat boomshine's level 12 'quite quickly'?!
  16. FlytrapGurl

    The game thread!

    hey!! http://bored.com/blockfrenzy/index.html
  17. FlytrapGurl

    The game thread!

    orb avoidance! omg!! i couldnt quit laughing the first few times around after i frickin figured it out... i was like wtf for a couple rounds then i got it and it was hilarious, i love this game