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    baby pitchers withering

    I would increase the amount of light is getting as the humidity is more than enough, i grow this hybrid on a South East facing bedroom windowsill, humidity can be as high as 80% or as low as 30%. It grows and pitchers well in my conditions for me. Sent from my VKY-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Give Away For Active Members Nepenthes hamata (10 fresh seeds) Giveaway

    1. nongpi - 14, 378, 250 2. Purpoh - 392, 476, 135 3. Grey Moss - 96, 215, 421 4. Swagalotus - 10, 321, 386 5. Girlygirl1010- 180, 356, 475 6. emc2 - 132, 256, 398 7. carnigrower01 288, 187, 364 Mark
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    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Than you very much, I've had it for just over a year and a half. Mark
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    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    First flower from quelchii illu tepui, on my bathroom windowsill Mark
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    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Cheers Carl! Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Very well done Tanukimo! It's a real shame you might not be around when they flower. My quelchii illu tepui is producing two flower stalks at the moment, first time flowering this species, yay! Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Dark Pitcher Appreciation Thread

    Fusca x Robcantleyi gets fairly dark Mark
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    Mike's Highland Terrarium

    I've got one of these tents gathering dust, i really should be it at to again as side is becoming a massive issue! Love your masdevallia?s, i used to have a stunning one called midnight plum, from my local orchid society, i lost it years ago and the last that created it no longer grows orchids...
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    Uppers and Lowers (Photos?)

    Bill bailey lowers, mid and uppers Mark
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    Mike's Highland Terrarium

    Thank you very much for the detailed info, I received 2 rob sg in 2012, which was the last batch of seed grown to come from BE, unfortunately my electric failed when I was away for 2 months in the dead of winter, came home and they were completely dead, I replaced one last year at the ICPS...
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    Mike's Highland Terrarium

    Could I ask where you got your Robcantleyi from? Also what is the BE number that came with it? That was a great surprise with the hidden pitcher! Mark
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    Osmocote, showing some promising results!

    Cheers for the info, do you know in what way they are toxic to nepenthes? Mark
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    Pinguicula in a Quahaug shell at 8 years

    I find mex pings to very hardy, in respect to substrate, I've used everything from complex all mineral mixes to house plant soil and perlite, think as long as it's moist and airy it will be fine. Your pings look real good by the way! Which species/hybrid is it? Cheers for sharing Mark
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    Osmocote, showing some promising results!

    Has any one tried, miracle gro slow release pellets? Mark
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    cat litter

    I've just started trying out some pings in 100% tesco low dust cat litter, so far they seem to like it Mark
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    Utricularia subulata - Carnivorous Flower Stalks?

    I seem to remember reading about glue on subulata flower stalks before, I believe that the consensus is that it's a defense against insects that would climb up and eat the flower, but not sure, cheers for sharing Mark
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    Attention - photo plagiariser

    Really can't believe the nerve of this person! It takes a lot of time and effort to grow stunning plants and also to compose the photos! Hopefully it will be sorted quickly and as painlessly as poss! Mark
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    Sick Drosera (with photo)

    From the condition of the moss it looks like there maybe something iffy with the substrate. Info on substrate and as said above by fredg and nimbulan would be helpful. Cheers Mark