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  1. Jefforever

    U. nelumbifolia Growing Tips

    Yall are waay overthinking it... you don't need live moss although it helps. Live or dead sphagnum is definately a good choice though. Don't need net pots and a nighttime temp drop isn't as vital as it is for highland neps or helis, although it certainly helps. I've grown mine at cool room tbs...
  2. Jefforever

    Free Water Kefir Grains

    Wow it's been a long time since I was on these forums. I kinda moved towards growing mushrooms and various probiotics. Ever wanted to make probiotic soda? Now's your chance! These guys a little bit high maintenance, as you have to change their sugar water every 2-3 days. Currently I have...
  3. Jefforever

    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Adam, Ron is right, it's a U. humboldtii, but no flowers yet! I've left it outside with my reniformis in a poorly heated greenhouse where it stays just above 40F. Thanks for your enthusiasm Ron... it's my first flower off this reniformis clone! It's a "giant" form from a nursery in Australia, I...
  4. Jefforever

    D. schizandra photos

    Keep as a highland, temp drops unnecessary, never feed, and water once every 2 months.
  5. Jefforever

    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Not orchidioides, but here are some photos from the greenhouse, Thursday:
  6. Jefforever

    any aquatic carpet forming utrics?

    Hey Trevor I've got some but it's mixed in with some U. prehensilis... I'm actually in town for a couple weeks and I could trade you some of the mix. Need to take some pics of my utrics, lol....
  7. Jefforever

    Hello from Downunder

    Hey, I'm going to NZ in a couple days! Do you have any suggestions for things to do in your area for a visit in December? Anything not to miss? Know any good sites to spot cps at? Any tips appreciated, thanks!
  8. Jefforever

    Maxsea Affecting LFS

    Thanks guys. Sounds like I was just using too much.
  9. Jefforever

    Maxsea Affecting LFS

    I've looked through old threads about Maxsea but I haven't found info about the specific concentrations that prevent dead LFS from breaking down... I used to use 2 tsps per gallon but my sphagnum broke down quickly even when I flushed the pots a few hours after. I know I was probably using too...
  10. Jefforever

    U quelchii

    Watch out -- quelchii can go to hell really fast. I had one for about 2 years (2008-early 2010) and then it went into dry dormancy. When I tried to coax it back, it rotted away. I think I gave it too much water, but in reality I really didn't water it that much. Anyways it's easier to grow...
  11. Jefforever

    Utricularia geminiloba Flower Stalk

    Wow! I didn't know you were growing this species. I had it for a couple days back in early 2009 but it froze.
  12. Jefforever

    Question of survival

    I've kept weedy utrics outside (like bisquamata, livida, subulata) in an unheated greenhouse Oregon... So as long as you keep your utrics above 32ish you should be fine. I sure hope you got a good clone of bisquamata. You wouldn't want one of those awful non-flowering forms, lol
  13. Jefforever

    Dexenthes Utricularia Area

    Congrats! But they need more light. And I think the first pic is a mix of U. sandersonii and U. nephrophylla
  14. Jefforever

    Calculating Cost of Shipping U. gibba

    I've shipped U.gibba several times. The way I do it is put it in a moist/almost wet paper towel in a ziplock bag. I don't think it matters how much it weighs if you use the priority $4.95 box.
  15. Jefforever

    What is the best way to sow D. burmannii seed

    These are super easy to sprout if they're fresh like you have them. Use sherkas advice -- cover them. And just put the seeds on a mix of peat and sand in a tray of water.
  16. Jefforever

    NEW Byblis hybrid

    Orchidales is sicccck!
  17. Jefforever

    Anyone tried Utricularia nephrophylla as a Lithophyte?

    Yeah, go with high humidity. Maybe pour water over it several times a day, cause in the wild it looks like utric lithophytes usually have like a little bit of water trickling over them. but using a pump or something to do this probably isn't a good idea cause recycled water gets nasty fast.
  18. Jefforever

    U. Gibba and drying out

    They probably won't come back if they're completely dry, sorry. But drying them out to the point of being barely moist spawns flowers.
  19. Jefforever

    G. violacea "Giant"

    Nice! Mine threw out some spikes a couple months ago and the one I brought back to my apartment in TX is throwing out a spike too. Very hardy plants!