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  1. sflynn

    Wild Sarracenia, Dews and other CP's in the Southeast

    Hey everybody! I have some more Pinguicula pictures today. These Pinguicula primuliflora were growing in a stream near my friends house, unfortunately it was raining so I couldn't get a good picture of the flowers: Some P. caerulea pictures coming up next
  2. sflynn

    P. Primuliflora care?

    Right now I would worry more about helping them recover from what appears to be acclimation shock, than worry about winter dormancy, and they definitely are in need of 100% humidity right now.
  3. sflynn

    P. Primuliflora care?

    No they are not prone to mold at all as long as they are given proper light levels. Just put another Tupperware on top of them or a layer of saran wrap if the Tupperware is taller than the tops of plants.
  4. sflynn

    P. Primuliflora care?

    Right now from the look of those plants I would give them 100% humidity until they recover.
  5. sflynn

    Hello Botanists!

    Welcome to TF!
  6. sflynn

    Wild Sarracenia, Dews and other CP's in the Southeast

    So this weekend I was out backpacking in the Bear Lake/Blackwater State Forest area saw a bunch of really nice CP's, but we were either moving to fast or the plants were in to bad of shape to photograph. However, right nest to where I set-up my hammock there was a nice narrow stream that was...
  7. sflynn


    Partial-sun type conditions are good for them, and they can take some direct light, just make sure you acclimate your plant to higher light if you decide to go with it because the N. ampullaria might be used to low-light conditions and you wouldn't want it to get burned.
  8. sflynn

    The ultimate seed-growing thread

    Misting the seeds with pressurized distilled water also works to beat back fungus on many seeds
  9. sflynn

    Nepenthes the GREAT picture thread!

    sibuyanensis x spectabilis?
  10. sflynn

    Expanding collection

    Theoretically, yes, but like you said it could not be the actual P. 'Weser'
  11. sflynn

    Happy Birthday Kula

    Happy Birthday Mach!
  12. sflynn

    Anybody here like to fly or own drones (or other RC stuff)?

    On the 200 QX (the one in the video), the battery generally lasts from 5-10 minutes, but with the go-pro attached to it, it only usually lasts less than 5 minutes (because it is not designed to carry a go-pro as you can see from the video it's a fairly small drone, but thanks to some very...
  13. sflynn

    Anybody here like to fly or own drones (or other RC stuff)?

    Hey everybody just wondering if any of y'all own or like to fly any sort of quadcopters or drones(well really anything RC), and if you do post some pics and or videos you've taken with them or of them! I currently have the Blade 200 QX as well as several Proto-X's that I like to take flying, the...
  14. sflynn

    Darlingtonia at the Florence preserve

    I see where the run-off from your greenhouse has been going...
  15. sflynn

    Giveaway Part I - Nepenthes ampullaria lime twist - LARGE PLANT

    1. Subrosa - amazing giveaway Randall! 2. sflynn - Great giveaway and excellent plant, thank you for the opportunity!
  16. sflynn

    N. ampullaria Irian Jaya

    What are you looking for?
  17. sflynn

    Filiformis blooming twice in a year?

    Yeah but when there is like 200 in a 2 1/2 '' pot there is!
  18. sflynn

    Filiformis blooming twice in a year?

    Still pretty small, biggest are less than a centimeter still
  19. sflynn

    Filiformis blooming twice in a year?

    P. primuliflora is definitely self fertile, mine flowered 8-9 times earlier this year, and a got a very good germination from the seeds (To much actually) and I'm currently growing the seedlings out.
  20. sflynn

    Filiformis blooming twice in a year?

    My filiformis "Florida red" have flowered about 3-4 times so far, I don't think it is that unusual, if a plant has the energy to flower again it probably will.