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  1. srduggins

    how to use max sea fertiliser on nepenthes and sarracenia ?

    Sorry to dredge up the dead (thread) but this seems like a good place to ask at what size Nep do you start foliar feeding. From seedling stage or what? Also, how soon after getting a mail order plant can I start foliar feeding? Once it acclimates after 2-4 weeks?
  2. srduggins

    What's the longest you had a plant in shock after transplanting?

    Although my peltata hasn't made a new pitcher yet, it has grown two new leaves in the 7 weeks since I transplanted her. I suppose smaller plants adjust quicker. Usually just a month or two for me, but I don't grow any sensitive species.
  3. srduggins

    It would be if I wasn't MIA since 2010. I see you're MIA since 2015. Anyway, I'm back starting...

    It would be if I wasn't MIA since 2010. I see you're MIA since 2015. Anyway, I'm back starting my collection over from scratch in oHIo. LMK if you ever make it back here.
  4. srduggins

    My Nepenthese x Ventrata Only Growing Nubs

    Could be a pest but it looks clean and more like physical damage to me. Could have had its growth interrupted by cold or transplant shock. Once it grows a little more it should leaf out more fully. How long have you had it?
  5. Vik x amp^2.jpg

    Vik x amp^2.jpg

  6. srduggins

    Back from the dead

    Thanks, I have a few Drosera I use to keep the gnat population down but I'm mostly focused on Nepenthes. Not quite ready for pitcher of the month
  7. srduggins

    Back from the dead

    I (and my plants) have been MIA for quite a while. The previous collection I accumulated in so. cal. is no more (sob). I moved to Ohio six years ago and after keeping a couple Neps alive here, I caught the bug again. Currently growing in a chamber in my basement under lights, I plan on moving...
  8. srduggins

    n. peter d amato

    I grow very few lowlanders and not very many species. There are still many growers who grow far more than I do.
  9. srduggins

    n. peter d amato

    Thank you, that's been bugging me since the reverse cross was first mentioned. Here's my NOT PDA - It's clone 6 from the same batch of seeds: Does that make it less valuable than PDA? Not in my opinion. Still a single clone from an amazing cross - and it's probably more rare than PDA and...
  10. srduggins

    Unknown Monstrocity!

    That's xDyeriana
  11. srduggins

    n. peter d amato

    Bend the growth tip below the roots.
  12. srduggins

    Unknown Monstrocity!

    It looks like xLeesii to me:
  13. srduggins

    Looking for interesting male

    I've usually got some males in bloom. Hard to tell what will be available in 2 months. maxima x aristo has 2 spikes in bloom and another spike started, so pollen should be available for a while on that one. Same story with thorelii x aristo. Also have maxima(clone b or l - I forget which one...
  14. srduggins

    Variegation? red/green

    I've seen that on one of my plants. It even goes through to the underside of the leaf (does yours?). and the pitchers: Those pics are a year old. I'll have to take a closer look at this plant to see if it is still doing it.
  15. srduggins

    Mostly pics of new neps

    Interesting looking talangensis x veitchii. I'm looking forward to seeing that one mature. It should have interesting pitchers on it.
  16. srduggins

    Picture Parade

    Just got back from a week's vacation and took a few pics. Just thought I would share them here in one thread: ventricosa C and K#2 - this has to be one of my favorite species and hybrid parent. Love the narrow waist and horizontal peristome. I've seen (and grown) better examples of these, but...
  17. srduggins

    truncata x TM

    Yes, another xTrusmadiensis cross. I hope you're not getting sick of them, but I just love hybrids with TM. Looking forward to upper pitchers, but until then I was pretty excited about this one opening: Until this one showed up right next to it (different clone): It took on this strange...
  18. srduggins

    My turn to brag (ventricosa x TM)

    Nearly 3 weeks without another picture!!!! I'll have to remedy that. These are from the same plant.
  19. srduggins

    N. Truncata not well?

    Well, if you know that it is getting better light, it is nothing to worry about. If the conditions haven't changed, then it's something to worry about. Where in so cal do you live? I'm in Garden Grove.
  20. srduggins

    N. Truncata not well?

    Why are the leaves getting smaller? That could be a sign of less than desirable conditions for growth. It also could be a sign of going into higher light levels. The new leaves look healthy, though, so it should do fine given the proper conditions.