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  1. B0B

    Looking For Lights

    Hey everyone just seeing if anyone out there has a 400w or 600w hps/mh ballast digital preferred if so Im willing to trade for a few healthy neps thanks for looking
  2. B0B

    Eight 22" and One 17" Light Reflectors + 24" Aquarium Hood For Trade

    Do you have ballasts as well or just reflectors
  3. B0B

    Nepenthes grab-bag giveaway

    Congrats! and thanks for having a great giveaway Lance
  4. B0B

    Nepenthes grab-bag giveaway

    1. Favian Thnx Lance! 2. SgtSarracenia 3. Mcmcnair Thanks! 4. Ngantnier 5. Pineapple... Thanks! :3 6. Trettman 7. Aionios many thanks! 8. Captdonaldduc 9. Tony C 10. Ambanja 11. Flasker 12. carbonetc 13. EntHerptology 14. Api :3 15. mikewilder Thanks Lance 16. incspir - Thanks a lot! (fingers...
  5. B0B

    LF Highland hybrid nep

    Hi everyone I have a few plants that I would like to trade for one highland hybrid nep and if all you can do is take a cutting as long as it has 3 nodes Im fine with that too. I have a small division of bulbo ambrosia, N. Splendiana x [veitchii x maxima]x veitchii and then if those 2 don't cover...
  6. B0B

    Prematurely popping pitchers

    I use 18 hr as well and yea I would say low water or humidity dont baby them let them adjust
  7. B0B

    Pest? ID?

    black dots might be scale, deformed leaves either mean pests or possibly some nutrient burn or buildup I imagine try flushing the plant real good then sit back and watch of course if you think it also might be pests put the whole pot in water for a hour or so drown everything and anything on it...
  8. B0B

    Dews for trade

    Ok everyone offer is closed thanks for the offers and your time. Sorry Jim I have both and a pot of liniflora growing right now once they flower I will collect seed once more and stop growing them for awhile at least just dont have the room or lighting for all my plants yet.
  9. B0B

    Dews for trade

    pm'd back oh and yes sorry no oblanceolata they are actually affinis I made an error
  10. B0B

    Dews for trade

    Hey everyone. I have one pot with the last of my dews that I would like to trade. The pot consists of D.prolifera, madagascariensis, dreamsicle, oblanceolata sunset peak hong kong, and a binata multifida extrema. Im looking to trade them all for a nep or cutting of one or Sarrs and vfts would...
  11. B0B

    looking for hybrid neps or

    Hey guys looking for hybrid neps or a ceph form other than hummers giant I have a n. spectabilis pangulubao I have pics just pm with your offers thanks.
  12. B0B

    Can I use this as a bog garden?

    My girlfriend did the same thing with the storage bin and her sarrs and dews seem happy.
  13. B0B

    My photo thread.

    Awesome plants!
  14. B0B

    Greetings from China

  15. B0B

    Have Neps for trade

    Offer closed. Thanks to everyone who pm'ed and offered stuff.
  16. B0B

    Have Neps for trade

    Hi everyone I have a N. thorelii x aristo, a ramispina and a ventricosa x fusca. Just seeing what neps I could get for them or all of them for a ceph or heli just pm me if interested all of them have pitchers and appear to be healthy. I can take pics of the plants if youd like as well.
  17. B0B

    Trading chain

    Sorry Everyone
  18. B0B

    Trading chain

    Ok so just to be clear I ship my cutting to pearldiver ?
  19. B0B

    N. attenboroughii Seed Giveaway

    1. roxorboxor - WOW what a deal! Thanks! 2. BigBella 3. Iwest - unbelievable giveaway, thanks so much!! 4. Lance - I would have never guessed... AMAZING! THANK YOU FOR THE OFFER! 5.richjam1986-Thanks! 6. DonH - THANKS! 7. mato - Thanks, Jeremiah. 8.Tower - Repost 9. Pineapple 10.PeatMoss 11...
  20. B0B

    Trading chain

    wait so my rooted cutting doesn't go to anyone yet or does it go to pearldiver?