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  1. ILoveMyPlants

    help with venus fly trap sort of confused here

    Hello i am wondering if someone may help me to i am a bit confused to what is happening here i have never seen this ever and i mean ever i have had lots of venus fly trap seeds in the picture you will see venus fly trap growing i am not worried about them this is not what this post is about my...
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  3. ILoveMyPlants

    For Trade looking for a trade strange one

    Hello all this one is a bit of an odd one i have bluebell seeds going spare and was wondering if anyone would like to trade seeds i know this is strange cause its not a carnivore but i am not on any other site really apart from this so worth a shot.
  4. ILoveMyPlants

    Looking For (trade) old or unwanted seeds

    Hello all hope your all well i havent been around for a long time back again now though. i was looking for any type of carnivorous seeds or coffee seeds if anyone can help i can pay for postage of course if anyone would be interested i have some seed i could return the favour also i dont have...
  5. ILoveMyPlants

    wanted dionaea or sundew seeds

    hey everyone i was looking for some seeds if anyone has any to give away i have been trying to grow both for many years but i think where im getting them from are old stock seeds let me know thanks ILMP
  6. ILoveMyPlants

    soil question

    Hey all can I use coco coir for vft and droseras or would this not work ?
  7. ILoveMyPlants

    help with my medium

    hey everyone im using kiwi sphagnum moss it is newzeland stuff im mixing it with perlite and i keep getting this white fungas stuff i want the medium for my venus fly traps how can i improve this the white fungus stuff is annoying i also tried it with bird of paradise yet "the white stuff" still...
  8. ILoveMyPlants

    coffee seeds a little help please

    lol i feel so alone xD
  9. ILoveMyPlants

    coffee seeds a little help please

    hey everyone i just got some coffee seeds i soaked them and then removed the purple fruit on the outside i then got a light green thing which looks like 2 coffee beans stuck together as i said this was light green i than planted this is this correct or have i done it wrong ...
  10. ILoveMyPlants

    A Real shock for weather in november

    more snow due for tonight yay :D at the moment raining though
  11. ILoveMyPlants

    everyone got to see this

    lmao nice input guys i hope this give you a giiggle it was sure too shocking too make the news lol Plants
  12. ILoveMyPlants

    everyone got to see this

    lmao the great news today reports a women who phoned the police this is how the convo went. (Women phoning police) hi i just went outside for a ciggerett and hes gone (Police) who is gone (women phoning police) answers my snow man i dont know why you would phone the police about this its...
  13. ILoveMyPlants

    Bird Of Paradise

    well i only snipped about 3mm off of the inside product so im sure it shouldent do too much harm :P Plants
  14. ILoveMyPlants

    Bird Of Paradise

    Any one lol ? this plant use to be popular Plants
  15. ILoveMyPlants

    A Real shock for weather in november

    haha glad to see so much input it is getting colder everyday all the time i go out im feeling like a professional ice skater hehe
  16. ILoveMyPlants

    Bird Of Paradise

    hello i just soaked my seeds in water and i have cut some of the seed 1 was fine but the other i just snipped the baby inside will this one make it or is it doomned ? Plants
  17. ILoveMyPlants

    A Real shock for weather in november

    by the way i didnt mention this is -17c during the day i dread to think what it is come night time :D the less i know though then my brain wont think its so cold at night plants
  18. ILoveMyPlants

    new tarantula pics

    man that is huge i have always wanted one of these but wasent sure if they bit or stun or none of these i didnt think its possible for it to sting reallly but if it does bite looks like it could be means also how much did this cost you Plants
  19. ILoveMyPlants

    looking for coffee seeds

    im so supprised that there has been no input of this i thought this plant would have been really popular for some coffee lovers there was an auction held eleswhere with the exact seeds i wanted blue mountain one he was in the usa but would not send them to the united kingdom...
  20. ILoveMyPlants

    A Real shock for weather in november

    hey jim been a while since ive seen you mate hows it going i know what you both mean -17c is terrible not sure what it is in Fahrenheit all i know is it is too cold for me lol i would advise you both to dress up warm winter is on its way they recon snow here is on and off for like a month...