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    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

    Daphne and Josephine... That sounds nice! But I don't really like the name "Gertrude". Can we call it Yvonne? And guys - thank you for your answers. :)
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    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

    But can we say that, for example, the third one is some kind of Sarracenia farnhamii hybrid? Or is the influence of many different S. species too strong?
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    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

    Hi everyone! I have 3 no-name Sarracenias (hybrids). Could you please help me with identification? Thank you in advance! 1) 2) 3)
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    HealthCare's healthy plants

    Hello there! Here are some photos of my little carnivorous plants collection. :)
  9. 20180726_160643_resized.jpg


  10. Drosera capensis.jpg

    Drosera capensis.jpg

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  16. Bez tytułu.jpg

    Bez tytułu.jpg

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    Little new plants from Nepenthes cuttings

    I hope that the last one will also be the strongest one! Let's call him Rocky. Vidyut, of course I dipped only the bottom part, maybe it was because of the rooting hormone (natural one, from algae), maybe the 2nd N. cutting was weaker or maybe just an accident. We'll see what happens in...
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    Little new plants from Nepenthes cuttings

    Unfortunately the one with rooting hormone is dead. It turned black and was covered by mould. The second one seems to be doing good. So far so good.
  19. 20180130_105933_resized_1.jpg


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    Sarracenia and its flowers

    For my Sarracenias I use a mixture of peat and perlite (70-30, but next time I'll try 60-40 or 50-50), I'd say that it's fresh, I changed it last year. For the upcoming season I'm going to repot my new plants from separate pots into a bigger one, that would be a good opportunity to change the...