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  1. mmlr38

    For Trade S.Red Viper for red flytrap

    I'm game! What are you looking for in terms of red flytraps? FTS Maroon Monster, Purple Haze, Royal Red, Bohemian Garnet, Pink Venus, FTS Crimson Sawtooth, and Diablo Rouge are a few options I should be able to offer. Shoot me an email at matt@flytrapcare.com if you're interested!
  2. mmlr38

    Dionaea June 2016

    Looking good, Fred!
  3. mmlr38

    Vft "dente" natural division rate?

    There are far too many variables that control the rate of division of venus flytraps to give a reasonable answer to that question. Some varieties can produce dozens and dozens of divisions each year. Other varieties rarely produce even one division each year. However, I'd guess that the...
  4. mmlr38

    Vft "dente" natural division rate?

    That's not entirely true. While hormones are commonly used for many plants in tissue culture, I do lots of tissue culture on flytraps and never use hormones. They simply divide more frequently in tissue culture because conditions are ideal and they have no pests or diseases to deal with.
  5. mmlr38

    Dionaea Farming

    Look at all those babies!!! :-O
  6. mmlr38

    Coquillage: all that it's cracked up to be?

    Flytraps grow best when their soil is damp, but not soaking wet for too long. We try to keep all of our thousands of flytraps growing in moist soil, but never sitting in water. They grow much more quickly and robustly that way.
  7. mmlr38

    B52 vs dc xl

    DC XL produced the largest traps I've ever seen, and I've grown it fewer years than I have B52. So for me, it's larger, hands down. But B52 is slightly consistently larger, meaning that - on average - the traps are slightly larger than those of DC XL. But DC XL is hardier, grows faster and is...
  8. mmlr38

    Coquillage: all that it's cracked up to be?

    Never seen a Coquillage make a "normal" trap, nor have I ever heard about it "reverting" to normalcy. And I didn't know that it originated as a TC mutation. The trait is quite genetic, as it readily produces offspring via seed that look very much like the parent plant. Coquillage is one of my...
  9. mmlr38

    Some really bad news

    This is absolutely horrible news, but I wanted to share it with members here in case any of you knew him. I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere or if this isn't the place to post it (moderators please move/remove it if so). Last night I received an email from someone asking if...
  10. mmlr38

    Is this sun, wind, or temp burn?

    Just to clear something up, cold temperatures will not cause flytraps to go dormant, nor will warm weather cause them to break dormancy. The onset of dormancy requires the days to be getting shorter; temperature is secondary. We've had lots of flytraps outside on the deck since mid February...
  11. mmlr38

    my vfts

    Looks much better!
  12. mmlr38

    my vfts

    Yes, the way Coquillage grows with the leaves curling back toward the rhizome, it is hard to pot it properly once it's uprooted. I drew some lines on the photo to show where the soil level should be relative to the rhizome. Hopefully you were able to get it sufficiently buried in the peat.
  13. mmlr38

    my vfts

    Hi madmacks! Looks like the rhizome of the plants is a little exposed! You will need to make sure that the rhizome (white part of the plant) is completely underneath the peat. This can be hard to do with a plant like Coquillage, which grows down on itself and tends to push itself out of the...
  14. mmlr38

    Any chance of ID-ing the two at this moment?

    Right now they're too small to tell apart, but it will be very easy when they get older. Bohemian Garnet is short and stout, low-growing with a small stature. Red Piranha is tall and lanky with larger traps and floppy leaves (sometimes).
  15. mmlr38

    Unknow dionaea seeds growing challenge.

    Very nice! They're definitely bordering flowering size. Another couple months and I'd say the largest ones would definitely flower in the spring.
  16. mmlr38

    Unknow dionaea seeds growing challenge.

    Simply ridiculous! I've never seen anything close to that in terms of growth from seed in 5 months. They've really grown quickly over the last 4 weeks. Super impressive!
  17. mmlr38

    VFT roots, how deep?

    While small flytraps may not "need" deeper pots, in my experience they grow much better with a lot of vertical room for their roots to stretch down. If space and the amount of soil isn't an issue, don't limit yourself to anything smaller than a 8 inch deep pot. They'll appreciate the depth and...
  18. mmlr38

    Unknow dionaea seeds growing challenge.

    Wow! Looking great! Definitely some interesting plants in that bunch too. Can't wait to see them as adults. I'm sure some of them will be spectacular.
  19. mmlr38

    Question on the 'Fondue' Cultivar

    Yes, it produces flowers. I can't answer this question for sure, but I did have two plants flower this spring. The flower stalks were thinner than the average flytrap so I suspect that they would not produce much seed. I cut them off and used them for tissue culture, so I don't know this for...