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  1. Brokken

    Brokken's Greenhouse

    It's been a long time, yes. I've been busy with work and as a result a little neglectful of my plants. Still, here's an update of how they're doing!
  2. Brokken

    cult lens fun

    These were taken with the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens. Possibly one of the finest pieces of glass for the Micro Four Thirds format: And these were taken with the Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 lens in San Fran:
  3. Brokken

    New Arrivals

    The curse was whaat? Curse you!
  4. Brokken

    Mass's GH

    Hey Mass, Since you wanted to see my Sarawak Red, here's a picture.
  5. Brokken

    cult lens fun

    Took these today with my Pany 7-14mm (14 - 28mm equiv. APS sensor) f/4 at Embarcadero in San Francisco - This is a rectilinear wide angle and though it may not have much history behind it yet, I think it's gonna become cult. :)
  6. Brokken

    N. lowii x truncata! Finally!

    It's awesome, Kris. And very large too! :) Hope mine shapes up like that.
  7. Brokken

    Mato's Pic Thread.

    Everyone is looking exceptionally happy. Nice job Mato. :)
  8. Brokken

    Plant of the Month August 2012 VOTE!

    Gorgeous photography and subject, Paul. :)
  9. Brokken

    Brokken's Greenhouse

    Thanks Luca, Favian, Mass, Fred. I really appreciate the feedback. :)
  10. Brokken

    stacked portrait of a blue bottle fly (photo)

    O_O Amazing! I bow to your photographic skillz! :)
  11. Brokken

    Mass's GH

    Ooooh, all looking happy! :) Nice job Mass! :)
  12. Brokken

    Myles' highland tank

    I agree. I think you got a really good plant. :)
  13. Brokken

    It's about time bluemax posted some photos!

    I'm a little concerned about all those bugs that it's managed to trap. Are they thrips?
  14. Brokken

    cult lens fun

    It's fantastic! If you get a chance, do yourself a favor and try it. It's a great, lightweight camera with all the features of the big boys in a small package. My EM5 and me are not parting ways any time soon. :)
  15. Brokken

    cult lens fun

    You gotta tell me how to light paint, Devon. That's incredible! :)
  16. Brokken

    Happy Bday adnedarn, Millipede and Eric_N!

    Awww, she's adorable! Best birfday present evah! :)
  17. Brokken

    Moving, downsizing, giving away plants.

    Oh man, those are some awesome plants you got there. If I didn't have all my other plants to worry and think about, I'd relieve you of one of them. Good luck!
  18. Brokken

    ICPS 2012 Roll Call

    Or Rocket Maaaaan.... :)
  19. Brokken

    sweet nepenthes

    I like both, but it'd be nice to have something in between - with subdued lighting.