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    Nepenthes Quiz

    Ok, here is one of my Nepenthes. BTW- I KNOW THE NAME   But do YOU know what kind it is?
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    Pitcher Fluid

    Hi, I have a question about the Nepenthes pichter fluid. My current problem is, that my plants are growing nice and very fast, but the pitchers have very few fluid in it. Only the bottom is covered with a very thick fluid (when the pitcher has just opened). The plants are: two not IDable...
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    just another Purpurea

    Seems like I must replant her into a bigger pot next year. This one is already about 30cms wide.
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    Another VFT pic

    its a 5 - 6 years old plant Note: since my subtropic plants grow outside, nearly all traps are close because those damned insects seem to love this plants too