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    Trout's Growlist

    My grow list is very short :(. Terrarium: 7 D. Muscipula 'Red Dragon' 2. D. Capensis typical (one of these, I'm not actually sure of, because under its current lighting, the leaves are turning pink, which I didn't think was normal for D. Capensis) 2 D. 'Floating' Some strange spiky grass...
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    Considering a trade or giveaway

    I have 7 Akai Ryu vfts, and I was thinking about maybe giving or trading away my two largest in the late Winter, just before they really start coming out of dormancy. I wanted to get a feel for the general interest in these plants though, whether I should make the necessary preparations over the...
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    Some moss

    It's some type of moss. I don't know whether to trust it or not, because I seem to have about 3 different types cropping up in different quadrants of my terrarium. This one is springing up from a bit of dry sphagnum that I buried in the soil around the roots of my D. Floating. Of course, the...
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    Expanding collection

    I'm interested in acquiring a specimen of P. Weser. It seems any online outlet either does not stock them, or is sold out. Anybody know where I might find one? :hail:
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    Hey guys, Long time no see! So, I had originally planned to pull my VFTs out of my terrarium for their dormancy, but (and please correct me if I'm wrong) They seem to be starting their dormancy already. I'll post pics of the plant that is furthest along in what I think it's doing, later. I'll...
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    brand new fly trap(s)

    I'm not very familiar with Dionea, since I'm used to just growing Drosera. Got this tiny group of Akai Ryu vfts in the mail just over a week ago, and I've had it in the window, just going with the natural cycle of the sun for its Winter dormancy. The temperature in this terrarium has been...
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    New to the scene

    I am brand new to the Drosera-growing scene, and have started out with a tiny little terrarium, which I'm currently rather proud of. At the moment, I'm sure I don't have enough light for my plants, but I'll be getting a better bulb on Tuesday. The old bulb I've had them under for the past day...