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    Iguana question!

    Would a standard Black Light work for supplying an Iguana with UV rays? i have a heat light for him already, and the tank sits under my floursecent lights for my VFTs, so lighting isnt a prob, im just not sure if he will get enough UVA or UVB, im not sure. Im new at this whole game.
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    Question about flours blubs

    I recently bought an iguana (today, woo). I have his tank setup with a heat lamp, however the heatlamp doesnt give off UVB rays which they need. The tank sits under my growing lights for my vfts, what my question is, do the lights i use for my VFTs also give off UV rays at all? they are the pure...
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    New pics!

    Here's some neat pic's i took last night. And a small video clip ;)  Pictures!
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    Hey everyone. Just took pics of most of my plants. Was in a good plant mood. Hope you all like. Included some of my Lowe's rescue! All are labeled well, enjoy! Plant Pictures! Only thing is, my webcam doesnt give justice to the beatuy of the Sundews. They truely look so much better in person...
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    Hey, i organized all my pictures into 1 place where you can look at them. I like to take different pics all the time, and i always upload them to the same place, so here's the URL and you can check them out all the time   Plant Pics any questions or anything, let me know.
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    Some pics of my plants

    Here's a really neat pic i took of one of the traps on my VFT, i really liked it, check it out... Well, here's a few pics of my collection. my d. spatula my ventricosa </br> and my whole collection in its happy little home Here, edited to add my D. Adale (sp) Lemme know...
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    My trip to Lowes/Home Depot

    So i went to lowes today to pick up another VFT, my friend wants to get into growing, so i wanted just to get her somthing small. I go there to find 4 dead VFTs, 3 dead sundews, 1 VFT hanging on for dear life with a dried out pot. Same with a sundew. Annoyed at the care they give to them, i...
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    Perks of owning a VFT

    So there i was, 3am, browsing the pft forums. Cat in lap, purring away, me petting him. I scratch his neck, what do i find? A TICK! Oh no i thought! After removing it from his neck, i placed it on my desk. What to do with it now! Its too late to flush it down the toilet, dont wanna wake anyone...
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    Just ordered a Nepenthes ventricosa

    Hey everyone! The addiction is slowly setting in! I just placed my order for a N. ventricosa, and D. spatulata. Any tips on growing these bad boys   . My spatulata will be going in my 5 gallon tank, was wondering if the N. ventricosa could live outside of a tank, im not sure of thier humidity...
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    Question about traps turning red!

    I have a silly question. In order for traps to turn red, do the inside of the traps themselves need to get alot of light, or does the whole plant? Alot of the traps on my VFT's are facing down, or out, but not up where the light is comming from.  
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    White mold

    I've been keeping my VFT's in a 5gallon tank under flourescent lights, with a plastic cover with holes to keep in humidity. Apearently, this has promoted some fungus on ONE of my plants in there. After flushing out the plant, removed the plastic cover to get more air moving around. That should...
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    Good idea or bad idea

    Is it generally a good idea, or bad idea to cut off dead or dieing traps. Would it help so the VFT would conserve energy in not trying to make thats trap grow, or could the VFT benfit in some way from a dead or dieing trap. Thanks for the input! Also, dead/dieing traps look ugly  
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    I think i burnt my plant

    After asking what sunburn was, i think i may have done it. Most of the 1 VFT is fine, except for 1 trap, it stayed closed, became deformed, started turning yellow, and today i start to see it turn black around the edges. I have another VFT that has almost double the size of traps and seems to be...
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    What does sunburn look like?

    Hiya, my plants havnt been getting much light since i got them, and i recently invested in quite a nice lighting setup, now they have been getting around 12+ hours a day of flourescent light. Since then, they have been getting redder in the middle on the stems. I have heard of sunburn, but wasnt...
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    Question about lighting

    Ok, so today i went out to get the right type of blubs for my shoplight. I remembered reading about what kind of lumens you want and the color temp. I had 2 blubs in my hand and i wasnt sure what one to get. Tell me what one i should have gotten. These are the specs: 1) 2250 Inital Lumens -...
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    Quick question =)

    will too much light kill a VFT? I have set up a terrirum with a shoplight hanging over it with 2 cool white 30watt bulbs. IF i were to leave them on over night and durning the day, would it hurt the VFT, or help it with alot of light, thanks!
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    Im thinking about getting a nepenthes

    Im debating on whether or not to get a Nepenthes. After looking at some of hte pictures, i see they can get pretty large. Are there certain types, or ways to grow them to keep them smaller? Also, would they thrive well in a terriarum with VFTs? Thanks for the info
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    Woo hoo!

    So i went today and got a 5 1/2 gallon terrarium. Basic glass tank. I also picked up a plant light that mounts to the wall. I set it up over the tank. I lined the outside of the tank with aluminum foil, expect for the side facing my window, to keep more light in there. (Got that tip from...
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    Where should i get a terriarum

    Hey everyone, right now i have 2 VFT's and a sundew. Im planning on getting 1 more VFT. I would like to grow them inside in a terriarum with a grow light. I was wondering where would be a good place to get one. There aren't any kits on this website, so if you could point me in the right...
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    Hiya, got a question

    Heya everyone, i just picked up my first sundew today. I went out to get another VFT and saw a sundew and thought they looked interesting. What kind of care do these guys need? Just water and light like VFT's? Do you feed them if they are indoor plants? Thanks!