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2021 NASC Benefit Auction!

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    Looking For (To Buy) NEED N. rajah

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    Ebay (Mine) Phil Faulisi Cross Seedlings

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    Looking For (To Buy) Rajah x Mira

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    Rajah K1 male or female?

    Is Rajah clone K1 a male or female plant?
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    Rajah K1 female or male?

    Is rajah clone K1 a male or female clone?
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    For Sale Phil Faulisi Cross Seedlings!

    For sale I have 9 seedlings grown from Phil Faulisi seeds for $90 + shipping! They are year old seedlings taken from three different crosses: Purple Lips x Adrain Slack, and need to check the other two crosses lol. I’ll post a picture later. I have culled quite heavily so these will very likely...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Darlingtonia seeds

    Looking for Darlingtonia seeds especially Othello. PM me
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    Looking For (To Buy) WTB Wally flytrap

    Looking for Wally flytrap
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    Looking For (To Buy) D. ‘Charles Darwin’

    I’m looking for the cultivar of round sundew called Charles Darwin. Thanks!
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    Anyone have rajah x veitchii?

    I saw this nepenthes for sale on California Carnivores. It seems pricy for me, but I think it sounds really cool. Has anyone got one, and if so, how are yours doing?
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    Looking For (To Buy) D. menziesii

    I’m looking for Drosera menziesii to purchase. If you have a plant, leaf pull, or similar propagating piece that you would want to sell to me just pm me Thanks!
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    Bog land

    Hi! I wanted to inquire on everyone’s open here. I have this idea to create a botanical gardens in a place like: South Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia or similar place. I want there to be a large artificial bog that spans several acres in size. It will be planted with every sarracenia...
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    Ebay (Not Mine) Drosera Regia listing

    Hi, I’m searching for a King Sundew and came across this eBay listing, could you tell me if it’s the real deal? https://www.ebay.com/itm/LIVE-Drosera-Regia-King-Sundew-Carnivorous-Plant-RARE/283334870908?hash=item41f813077c:m:mOeRLXzn7saBK4Ly-yPcZ8w