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    Been waiting a long time for this

    I've had these forever now growing in with my plants. Only just got a good enough cam to take a pic so have a look. They even glow when it's not dark. I've been using my phone camera for a long time I only just got an expensive camera but I'm enjoying it. I must say I'm deeply enjoying...
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    Just some random pics from around my room

    Things are doing very nicely now that they are all settled in. I've corrected the problems the plants had when they were given to me, and have them healthy enough to be flowering and able to be cloned. Some of these were very unhappy barely growing, when I got them.
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    I really enjoy building mini ecosystems so I figured I would share some. This is a little fen I made with some drosera intermedia "Cuba", duckweed and moss. It needs evaporation in order to work so I also have to add water back to it, not exactly self sustaining. This is a permanent...
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    In search of

    Well as the title suggests I'm kinda in the market to trade or buy some seeds and cuttings Cuttings of ; Nepenthes vetchii Nepenthes Attenboroughii Nepenthes lingulata Drosera schizandra ( in the spring figure I'll start my search now ) Seeds from ; Drosera regia Drosera derbyensis...
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    I've been trying to keep these little guys alive for some time now maybe 2 weeks. Things seem to be doing very very well. A C6 momma copepod big enough to see. She's about 0.7mm big, is swimming above the marimo ball. In the middle is a copepod C1-C4 it has grown it's 4th segment and...
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    Passion flower

    Well I grow two different types of passion flower. Passiflora incarnata and p. Caerulea. The p. Caerulea does ever flower, but produces beautiful foliage so I don't mind. My p. Incarnata is at the end of its first year of growth and had a flower, now is producing a fruit with , I hope, viable...
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    Been away

    Hey all I havnt been very active lately but I'll be posting more from now on. Here's a look at what's going on at my place. Lots going on. I have around 80 species of plants and a few species of animals as well. I have copepods and shrimp, an assassin snail as well as a tarantula.
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    Some upgrades

    Well today I went out and got some new domes. The first one has, a log inoculated with p Stipticus which is pinning, 2 nepethes pups, and bags of growing peat moss. The second one is awaiting seeds. This is a work in progress I plan to get more plants tomorrow and get a shelf for these to...
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    Just wanted to share

    This is a culture slant of p. Stipticus I made up 10 of these a few days ago, 9/10 are showing nice growth :)
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    New here :)

    Hey guys I'm new here, just saying hi looking around. Looks Like a great place you guys got here. I collect all types of plants mostly rarish and exotic. This nepenthes is my newest baby, not so rare or exotic but I didn't have a nepenthes so I grabbed it. Not sure how old it is I've only had...